Can you play Steam games on iOS?

When the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games is brought to light, some hold to the popular belief that video games are a form of addictive entertainment. However, various research has proved gaming to be more than a compulsive form of distraction. There are so many benefits that we can reap from gaming, including:


  • Refined problem-solving skills
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Reduced stress
  • Remedy for specific health disorders such as autism
  • Wider social connections


Initially, playing video games was such an expensive venture hence limited to a few. For you to play, you have to invest in consoles and a collection of blue-ray CDs for the series of games that interest you. Thanks to platforms such as Steam. Gaming is now available and affordable to all with access to desktop and mobile gadgets.


What is steam in gaming?

Steam is a multi-player platform that distributes and manages the use of games. It is developed by Valve Corporation. With the tool, users install and automatically manage gaming software across various platforms.


Apart from acting as a central hub for the distribution and management of games, steam provides a set of tools and services for game developers to make and publish their games.


Can you play steam games on iOS?

Initially, steam was only available for Windows users. Locking out millions of other potential players leveraging the Android, Linux, and iOS operating systems. To cater to the broader market, Valve released its link apps for Android and iOS platforms in May 2018.


However, the May 2018 launch of the Steam Link app for iOS was met with opposition by Apple due to what they termed “business conflicts.” It took a year of negotiations between Valve and Apple to finally see the launch of the iOS steam link app in May 2019.


Today, you can stream steam games on any of your iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV.

How to play steam games on iOS

  • Download and install the steam link app on your iOS device: The app is available free of charge at no download or service fee costs.
  • Connect your computer and iOS device on the same local network.
  • Pair your controller to your phone or tablet and open the stream link iOS app: The app will scan your local network for a steam library.
  • After the scan, the app will display the computers that have been found. Tap on your computer.
  • Enter the 4-digit pin displayed by your iOS device on your computer.
  • The stream link app for iOS will run a speed test to ensure your computer and iOS devices have a strong connection.
  • Steam will then launch your steam app where you can browse your library and start playing.


The requirements for playing steam games on iOS are as follows:


  • You must be logged into your steam account with a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) that is on the same local network as your iOS device.
  • For best performance, your computer needs to be connected to over 5GHz WiFi or ethernet.
  • Your iOS device should also be on the same over 5GHz connection.
  • Also, for the best experience, you need a steam controller (though touch control is still supported)
  • Your device must be using iOS 11.0 or higher.
  • The iOS device needs to be at a reasonable range from your router.


Note that while playing steam games on iOS, you can still trade your CS:GO skins instantly from

You can adjust your settings for better performance quality

While indulging on any gaming platform, we not only expect a pretty smooth overall experience but also appreciate extremely responsive platforms with less button mashing.


For enhanced performance, the steam app for iOS offers an advanced settings menu. Where you can tune your streaming resolution. With a powerful gaming rig, good network, and a robust client device, you can enjoy up to 4K 60 FPS of streaming. Overly, playing on an iPad or iPhone is great, but not as immersive as on a sizably inched 4K TV.


How to play steam games on iOS without PC

When the steam link app for iOS (and Android) was first launched, it was possible to play your steam games on your phone or iPad only when you were on the same network connection as your PC. This was, however, limiting. Especially for steamers who like exploring their libraries while on the go or relaxing at public spaces far away from their PCs.


Thanks to steam’s feature, Play Anywhere, you can now play your stream games on iOS anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a robust mobile internet or WiFi connection.


To stream your steam games on your iOS devices without PC:


  • Download and install the stream link app for iOS.
  • Open stream on your computer, log in and ensure it is running: Whenever you are playing games on your iOS, the stream on your PC must be running. This means that to play remotely, your PC must be running before you leave the house.
  • Establish a connection on your iOS device by pairing a controller.
  • After pairing your controller, the Steam app for iOS automatically scans your network for your PC. If it finds the PC, you will be provided with a 4-digit pin to key into the PC.
  • If the app did not find your computer, select “Other Computers” to be provided with the 4-digit pin.
  • On your PC, select “Steam”, then choose “Settings” in the drop-down menu. Select “Remote Play”, then select “Pair Stream Link”. Input the pin.
  • When done correctly, your iOS device will display the name of your PC. Select the PC to establish a connection. The steam app will then perform a speed test and transfer you to the next page.
  • You can then start playing on the go.


Note that your gaming experience is likely to consume a lot of data since you will be remotely streaming 1060 p. Additionally, you can experience latency problems since your commands are transmitted over the internet.


Advantages of playing steam games on iOS

Convenience: Installing games one by one, especially if they are several of them is quite a strenuous task. With steam, you can install and uninstall games en-masse on your iOS devices. Furthermore, the app’s management features make it possible to classify, customize, view, and start your games in a single list.


Reliability: When you buy games on steam, they are saved on the cloud. Hence accessible at the click of a button. Thus, if you are looking for an older set from your Steam iOS library, you do not undergo the hassle of having to download patches of files from multiple sources that may be somewhat corrupted.


Buyer Protection: Steam has various measures in place to protect users from fraudulent traders. Furthermore, they have a seamless refund process for games that have been played for less than two hours and owned for less than a fortnight.


Community: Gaming on the steam iOS platform exposes one to a community of friends and discussion forums for every game. From such avenues, a play can gain insights into games of interest.


Sales: The steam trading platform is one of the most affordable ways to acquire games. They regularly hold sales where subscribers can take advantage of discounts on various games.







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