Android 6.0 Marshmallow for LG G4

Download and install Android 6.0 Marshmallow for LG G4 (all supported) devices now! The new update, available to download as a firmware upgrade, works with all listed models. The update brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow and all the improvements that follow. However, LG eliminates some customizations for a proprietary customization.

The firmware download is about 1.6 GB. Therefore you must use a fast and stable Internet connection. This tip ensures that the download finishes successfully and completes interruption free. Below,  find the installation guide and the official download links.

List of Supported Devices:

How to Flash YouTube Video: 



  • Copy MegaLock.dll file to C: LGLGFlashtool (Possible hidden folder so enable “hidden folders”. Replace the old MegaLock.dll file)
  •  Extract the TOT file from the Zip
  • Install Flashtool (Don’t run it yet)
  •  Install LG Drivers
  • Power off your Device & or pull battery (G3),(G Pro),(G Flex)
  • Press and hold the Vol UP Key. Meanwhile, plug in the USB cable to your LG G4. You should now see “Firmware Update/Download Mode” and be in Download mode.

Open up Device Manger on your PC

  •  Click on ports and double click LGEModem
  •  Go to Port Settings Tab and click Advanced
  • Change COM Port to COM41 and click Okay.
  • After this, you may need to reboot your phone back into download mode.

Run LG Flashtool as Administrator

  • Select Manual Mode at the top
  • Now, click The DLL Box and choose the DLL file from Above meant for your device
  • Additionally, click the S/W box and select the firmware file with the .tot extension, Then Click OK when done.
  • Now, click the Yellow Arrow Button at the top left. This action triggers the firmware install.
  • You may need to unplug/replug phone before Firmware install will start (If it does nothing after clicking the yellow button
  • Should take anywhere between 4-8 Minutes. When it completes, your phone should reboot.
  • LG G3 Only, After reboot, a Factory Reset screen appears. Just pull the battery and put it back in and it should boot right up!

Do NOT Close the FlashTool Window during the firmware update.

If you want to see the guide with pictures, then you can go to [Guide] LG G4 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ & TOT Method. Thanks for reading, how to update an LG G4 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow here on OrDuh!

Are you having trouble with the update? Then, be sure to drop us a comment below for assistance. Also, do you have any tips for us? Let us know and we’d be sure to add them to the article.

Don’t forget to share this article to assist others who want to update & install the LG G4 Marshmallow update. Furthermore, do have an excellent day!


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