10 Benefits Of Tamarind You Need To Know

There are many surprising benefits of tamarind you should know about.  However here are the 10 benefits of tamarind you need to know:

Tamarind is used in many households in India and Srilanka. is used for the delicious tangy taste it brings to a number of dishes. It can be used to reduce the spice from a traditional curry much like mango or coconut.

In many countries like America and Europe, tamarind is bottled and sued as a preserve such as jam or marmalade.

What does Tamarind taste like?

The tamarind used in curries has a pungent sour taste, this can be too strong to handle alone and should be used in cooking. Alternatively, there is the sweet tamarind which has a hint of sweet and sour to it. This can be enjoyed alone or in tea or juice form. The sweet tamarind is in a shell which can be cracked open and consumed as is.

                           10 Tamarind Benefits

10 Benefits Of Tamarind You Need To Know

Tamarind helps lower cholesterol in the blood.

A research study from 2006 showed that the pulp of the fruit extract decreased cholesterol by 50%. The study was carried out by feeding hypercholesterolemic hampsters the pulp of the fruit for 10weeks. Read more about the study here.

Sore throat remedy

Tamarind is known for its antibacterial properties in the medical world. It helps fight flu, fever and sore throats. In conclusion, tamarind reduces inflammation in the body and is a great immune system booster as its high in vitamin C. Read more here 

Tamarind is known as a laxative

Tamarind helps you relieve constipation and increase your bowl movement. The dietary fibres in tamarind help soften your faeces allowing your intestinal muscle to contract easily allowing you to poop painlessly.

There are many tamarind drinks you can make to help with constipation. To make a tamarind drink I find most effective mix 1 and a half cups of with tamarind pulp, add some lemon juice, honey and warm water and place in the fridge overnight. Strain the pulp and drink it before you go to bed and in the morning.

It is Carminative.

Wondering what carminative is? It acts as a medicine to get rid of poisonous gasses from your body. It’s great if you have a build-up of gas in your body as it helps release them.

Immune Booster

As stated previously tamarind is an immune booster. It’s full of antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen your immune system.

Anti-Cancer Properties

A 2017 research study shows the ani cancer properties of the tamarind seeds. The study revealed that higher inhibition rate occurred after 24hr. Read more here 

Morning sickness relief for pregnant women

There are many components of the tamarind that can help pregnant women get rid of morning sickness. The sour taste of the tamarind is one of the many components to aid morning sickness. Furthermore, the laxative properties of the tamarind can help settle the stomach and stop symptoms such as morning sickness.

Great for healthy skin

The antioxidant properties of the tamarind help repair skin damage. Tamarind can reduce ache and chickenpox with its enzymes, vitamins and alpha hydroxyl acids. Furthermore, the enzymes can also remove dead skin.

Relief from dry eyes.

Another great benefit of Tamarind is that the seeds of the fruit can help prevent eye symptoms such as dry eyes. Tamarind comes in a liquid form as eye drops. You must consult your doctor before using them.

Helps control blood sugar

Tamarind is known to be used in many diabetic medicines each year. The seeds from the Fruit are known to lower blood sugar. Many studies have the carbohydrates found in the fruit have been known to lower blood sugar.

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