Cyanogen OS 12.1 OnePlus One Update Begins Rolling Out Again

After a messy start, the much anticipated Cyanogen OS 12.1 (which is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop)is now rolling out to OnePlus One device.  The new update brings a ton of new features and bug fixes. A Must have if you want the latest. Here is what is included in the new update:

  • Smarter Screen: LiveDisplay intelligently adjusts your screen based on environmental conditions.
  • Calendar Together with Email: Enjoy the latest Boxer powered experience where you can seamlessly share your availability and schedule appointments.
  • Cyanogen Browser: Cyanogen browser delivers search results and loads web sites faster and more securely than leading browsers.
  • Redesigned Launcher: App Drawer and Folders have been redesigned for one-handed use.
  • Fresh AudioFX: user interface has been updated for consistency across all devices.
  • More Playback support: substantially increased our support of codecs for video and audio playback.
LiveDisplay Cyanogen 12.1 Cyanogen 12.1 Calendar Integration with Email New Cyanogen Browser
  • Performance: 1.21x better than Chrome in top priority benchmarks
  • Speed: 1.69x faster than Chrome in page load benchmarks
  • Power Efficient: 1.2x better in power efficiency
  • Less Memory Used: Lower runtime memory usage—on average 50-100MB less memory (optimized to not consume as much memory)
  • Location Privacy: When websites ask for access to location, the user can choose to allow for 24 hours (as opposed to allowing permanent access), giving the user finer control over their location privacy
  • Security: Saved passwords for websites are encrypted, increasing password security if your phone is ever lost or stolen
Launcher Redesign Improvements AudioFX UI Updated

The new update does indeed bring a complete overhaul to the user interface which promises  to be great for OnePlus One owners. Furthermore with the increased stability, performance and security of the OS, users can have it all in one device. The update will also be made available for Andromax Q, Yureka, Yureka Plus, and Yuphoria.  Via

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