YouTube For Nintendo Switch Now Available

With Hulu being the only video streaming app on the Nintendo Switch, it’s no surprise that users wanted more. Now, YouTube is officially available for download on all Switch consoles.

YouTube For Nintendo Switch Finally Available For Download

According to The Verge, the Nintendo Switch YouTube app functions the same way as other YouTube apps and fully supports 360 videos. Users can use the left joystick and keypad to navigate the interface. Touch input is also partially supported making search even easier.

The app also allows you to sign in with your Google account to bring all your playlists and preferences to the Switch. Video streaming on the Nintendo Switch is limited to 720p on the Switch’s native screen with 1080p available through the HDMI dock.

With Hulu and YouTube, we can only hope that Netflix and other video streaming platforms will soon make their app available for the Switch.

Via – The Verge


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