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Are you interested in the technology niche? Do you know how to write in-depth tutorials or review products? Then, you’re in the right place!

We currently accept articles, listicles (with sufficient content), how-to articles, reviews and more in the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Video games
  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • DIY Guides
  • Applications
  • Digital Cameras
  • Wearable Tech
  • And anything you can think of relating to technology

Please ensure that all topics and specific. No broad topics. So, don’t send in an article about “how to open a smartphone”. Instead, go for something like “how to disassemble a Galaxy S8”.



ORDUH receives about 300,000 monthly page views with 85% of those views coming from search engines.  So, if you play your cards right, you too can enjoy the exposure.

Article Length

Normally, we accept articles of about 1500 words. However, some of our articles run between 2000 to 3000 words. This all depends on the topic covered.

How many images should you provide?

The only image necessary is a featured image. However, you may submit up to 3 images for the article. So long as you own the rights.



Google docs:  Please provide the document as a Google doc.


Please use proper heading tags such as h2, h3, etc.  The first heading should be h2.  The sub-heading h3 and so on.  The next main heading should be h2 again. Whenever it makes sense, please use bullet lists.

References and outbound links

Reference everything with outbound links.  Also, whenever it’s helpful for readers, include links to external resources (outbound).  We’re all about providing as many beneficial resources for our readers as possible.


Your article must be informational; not promotional.  We’re fine with one dofollow links to your site in the content, but the article itself must be informational. If you’d like to submit a promotional article (i.e. sponsored post), see our advertise page.


Any dofollow links provided will only be permitted in the body of the article in a contextual manner that makes sense by linking to a very relevant piece of content that enhances the article for our readers.  Byline links will be nofollow.  If the content is promotional in any way, all links will be nofollow.

Link to other pages on ORDUH:  We will handle this part. However, you may link to other articles on our site so long as the content is related.

Video inclusion: If there are one or a few videos on YouTube on the topic that enhances the article, please include the YouTube URL link in the article.

8. Link to your site:  You may include one dofollow link in the content to a page on your site.  Please link to a related, helpful article on your site and do so contextually so that it helps our readers.

Affiliate links:  We may add our own affiliate links in your article if it makes sense.  If you include your affiliate links, we will swap them out with ours.


Please note we reserve the right to reject submissions.  In the event we reject your submission, we’re happy to give you the opportunity to improve the article and resubmit it.

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