World of Warcraft Losing Players

World of Warcraft is definitely one of the best-known brands of all time. In recent years, however, it appears that the interest has moved to other products given that the number of players related to the historic trademark seems to be falling steeply.

A report has indeed given birth to a particularly alarming finding. There are "only" 5.6 million active players subscribed as of writing, a steep drop from the near ten million reported only six months ago. This is still a huge number, but still the lowest recorded in the history of the brand itself.

World of Warcraft, however, could get a boost enrollment through new expansion, called Legion. The beta of the newly mentioned expansion will be released by the end of this year, so we are really curious to see what will happen.

Activision may still not worry about this because thanks to other brands held by the company. After all, it is a fact that Destiny, Hearstone and Heroes of the Storm can boast of having a community of nearly 70 million users, a total of about $ 1.25 billion in revenue.

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