WhatsApp Middle Finger A Go

It 's available in the Google Play Store. Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated update for WhatsApp. You've seen your friends flip the middle finger emoji and you wanted it too!  Well, the update is finally out of beta and is being pushed via OTA to all devices. The changelog is indeed quite enticing as you can read below:

  • Custom settings for notifications and silent mode for each chat
  • Mark chats as read or unread
  • Adds several new emoji. You can also tap and hold some emoji to choose a different color.
  • When you receive a contact card, you can now quickly text or save the contact if it is on WhatsApp
  • Decrease consumption of data used during calls WhatsApp Settings> Chat and calls

The update is distributed via Play Store using the Staged Rollout and therefore may not yet be available for all, in which case the only thing to do is wait. However, you can proceed to download WhatsApp by clicking this link.

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