7 Free WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives for Anime Lovers

One sad news for cartoon lovers is that WatchCartoonOnline is no longer available. This website has served as a free way of watching cartoons online for hundreds of thousands of people. For some reason, the website is no longer available for cartoon lovers to enjoy.

So, in this article, we will be looking at best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives so that you can watch your favorite cartoons online.

1. Netflix

Netflix has a variety of cartoons that are available for users. For a monthly fee, Netflix allows its viewers to watch famous anime such as Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Seven Deadly Sins.

These anime on Netflix are very high quality, and a great thing is that they don’t have ads! So, you can binge watch your favorite anime shows without having to watch ads!

I highly recommend Netflix as WatchCartoonOnline alternative because you can watch great anime legitimately.

2. Hulu

Like WatchCartoonOnline, Hulu has a variety of anime, featuring Naruto, Dragonball Z, and other major works.

3. Viewstar (Free)

If you don’t want to pay to watch anime, which was true for WatchCartoonOnline, you can go to Viewstar which shows anime for free. However, you do need to watch ads, which supports the website.

4. Toonami (Free for Cable Subscribers)

If you have a subscription to Cartoon Network, you can watch anime with Toonami. This website has a numerous collection of anime, and if you are into dubbed anime, this is a great resource.

5. Youtube (Free)

Youtube has a bunch of videos for everything. And that includes anime! For those who want to watch anime for free, YouTube is a great place to go! However, you might have to search for videos for a while to find the ones that you want. Also, YouTube is hard on copyrighted materials, so if you are trying to find copyrighted material for free, you might have a hard time.

6. Vimeo (Free)

This is a great WatchCartoonOnline alternative because there are a lot of free anime in Vimeo. Vimeo is not as strict on copyrighted material as YouTube, so you will have a better chance of finding the anime that you want. If you can’t find the anime that you want to watch, I highly suggest going to NetFlix or Hulu.

7. Amazon Prime Videos

Most people have Amazon Prime because they have free 2 day shipping. If you do, you can take advantage of that to watch cartoon online for free! If you don’t have one, you can subscribe for a small monthly fee and also take advantage of free shipping, audiobooks, and music.

I hope that you liked this list of watchcartoononline alternatives. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below!

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