Turn Off Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

Turn Off Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5: This tutorial will teach you how to turn off safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 devices. Safe Mode temporarily starts your Galaxy S5 with its factory default software and this is quite useful when you aren't sure which of your apps maybe interfering with your device’s functions. Perhaps you have modified a setting and need to fix an issue caused by this modification. Safe Mode allows you to boot the device and remove or fix the issue with ease.

There are a number of known methods for turning off Safe Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5. More than likely all you really need to do is restart your device. However, I will tell you about the various ways to turn off safe mode. Read the steps below to disable the feature.

  1. The first thing you can try is holding (long pressing) the power button and selecting restart from the pop up menu.
  2. Wait for the S5 to restart and it should boot normally (i.e. Safe mode should now be disabled).

If this method did not work for you or is not viable then you can opt to turn the Galaxy S5 completely off and then proceed to remove the battery for about 10 seconds.

Put the battery back into the device and turn the smartphone back on. When it boots, it should boot normally. Either of these methods will help you successfully turn off safe mode on any Samsung Galaxy S5 device. If you still have trouble then feel free to leave a comment or contact us using the various methods on the website.

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Exit SAFE MODE

ITJungles: Sometimes when the phone have a buggy apps, it can automatically put the S5 into Safe mode. Here's how you can exit.

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