T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE SGH-T999LUVUBOH1 Update

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE SGH-T999L finally receives an update. The update is labelled as OH1 and provides a fix for the StageFright vulnerability and other minor enhancements and fixes. Updates have been rolling out all week for other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy Grand Prime, as well as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. HTC also rolled out an update for the HTC One M9. You should be aware, before proceeding to manually update, that this is for the LTE variant of the device.

First things first, if you have a TMobile Galaxy S3 LTE then you more than likely will receive the OTA update soon. If you haven’t received the notification then you can use this tutorial to download and update the device manually or you can try to force the OTA update by going to Settings > About device > System update, and tap on ‘check for update’ button.

Things you’ll Need to Update Your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE


  • OH1 Firmware — Link | Alternate Link | File: T999LUVUBOH1_T999LTMBBOH1_TMB.zip
  • Odin PC software — Link | File: Odin3_v3.10.6.zip (1.6 MB)

Supported devices

  • T-Mobile Galaxy S3 LTE, model no. SGH-T999L

Now before you proceed you should be aware that manually updating your device can be risky, if you don’t know what you are doing then please wait for the OTA to reach your smartphone. Also, you should try to backup your device data in the event that the update erases all your data such as your contacts etc.

How to Install the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE SGH-T999L T999LUVUBOH1 Update

  1. Download the Odin software (link above). And be sure that you have downloaded the firmware file for your device, after checking the model number as the firmware correlates with this.
  2. Install the necessary Samsung Galaxy driverif you haven’t done so already.
  3. Extract the firmware file. You will need a archive extractor like 7zip. Install 7-zip, then right click on firmware file and under 7-zip, select ‘Extract here’. You should get the a file in .tar.md5 format. You will be loading this file into Odin in Step 9 below.
  4. Extract the Odin file. You should get this file, Odin3 v3.10.6.exe (other files could be hidden, hence not visible).
  5. Disconnect your Galaxy S3 LTE from PC if it is connected.
  6. Boot your Galaxy S3 LTE into download mode:
    1. Power off your device. Wait 6-7 seconds after screen goes off.
    2. Press and hold the three buttons Volume Down + Power + Home together until you see warning screen.
    3. Press Volume Up to continue to download mode.
  7. Double click on extract file of Odin, Odin3 v3.10.6.exe, to open the Odin window as shown below.
  8. Connect your Galaxy S3 LTE to your PC now using a USB cable. Odin will load your device. If it is successful, you will see an Added!! message appearing in the Log box in bottom left, and the first box under ID:COM will also show a no. and the background turns  blue.


  • You can try a different USB port on your PC to be sure.
  • If you don’t get Added!! message, you need to install/re-install drivers again, and use the original cable that came with the device.
  • You cannot proceed until you get the Added!! message, which confirms that Odin has recognized your device.


  1. Load the firmware file into Odin. Click the AP button on Odin and the select the .tar.md5 file from Step 3 above. (use the pic above for reference).
  2. Wait for Odin to check the Md5 sum value and then you’d see the dialogue box to the left read leave cs…
  3. Now, Make sure Re-partition is NOT selected, under the Options tab. Don’t use the PIT tab either. You must be under the Log tab. This is where you will see progress reports regarding your update.
  4. Click the Start button in order to start flashing the firmware on your Galaxy S3 LTE. Wait till installation is finished, after which your device will reboot automatically. You’ll see a PASS message upon successful installation of the firmware.
    • If Odin gets stuck at setup connection, then you need to restart the process. Disconnect your device, close Odin, boot device into download mode again, open Odin, and then select the firmware and flash it again following the instructions above.
    • If you get FAIL in the top left box, then also you need to flash the firmware again.

The initial boot time of your device after successfully flashing the new firmware can take some time, so don’t be too alarmed. Also, be sure to check the Settings > About device to confirm that the new firmware has been installed.  Thanks for reading how to install the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE SGH-T999L T999LUVUBOH1 Update manually.

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