Philips Shoqbox Mini

The Philips Shoqbox Mini BT2200B-37 is a compact, portable, water resistant and wireless speaker. The Shoqbox Mini offers a solution for those who wish to listen to their music without fair of causing water damage to their mobile devices.

Philips Shoqbox Mini



The new Philips wireless portable speaker has Bluetooth connection, so there is no need for cables. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 (although it is compatible with older Bluetooth 2.1 or higher devices) and with the anti-clipping function, it will play music without breaks or distortion, ensuring high-quality audio. In addition, it also incorporates an audio input so that users can connect other equipment.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that is both robust and energy-efficient. The technology allows easy wireless connection to iPod/iPhone/iPad or other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets or even laptops. So you can enjoy your favorite music, sound from video or game wireless on this speaker easily.


Anti-Clipping lets you play music louder and keeps its high quality, even when the battery is low. It accepts the input signals from 300mV to 1000mV and keeps your speakers safe from damage by distortion. This speaker handles anti-clipping through a dedicated audio limiter IC. This monitors the musical signal as it goes through the amplifier and keeps peaks within the amp’s range, preventing the audio distortion caused by clipping without affecting loudness. A speaker’s ability to reproduce musical peaks decreases along with battery power, yet anti-clipping reduces peaks caused by low battery.

Water Resistant

Although some portable speakers include water resistance with IPX4 level (splash), the highlight of Shoqbox Mini is that it is one of the first Philips Speakers to have a level of IPX6, so it can survive jet skying or falls overboard, since it floats, so users can also use it at the beach, pool or camping. The Shoqbox Mini is also resistant to falls, which also makes it ideal to take hiking or camping.

Waterproof Test (Video)

Built-in Mic

With its built-in microphone, this speaker also works as a speakerphone. When a call comes in, the music is put on pause and you can talk via the speaker. Call for a business meeting. Or, call your friend from a party. Either way, it works great.

Rechargeable Battery

Play music out loud – anytime, anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your personal music without the fuss of entangled power cords and the inconvenient search for an electrical outlet. Enjoy great music with the freedom of portability now.


The Philips Mini Shoqbox BT2200  follows the style of other products in this category, namely, fashionable designs, often aimed at young audiences. Its exact dimensions are 107 x 58 x 69 mm, and its weight is 200 grams. The Shoqbox offers the same design on both major sides, protected both by a reinforced grid, and the whole is surrounded by a protective bar with two reinforcements on the sides of which users can attach a strap. In one of these reinforcements, there are the main controls, with the power button and two buttons for volume control.


As for its technical characteristics, the Shoqbox incorporates a 1.6-inch internal speaker that gives off sound in mono configuration and has an output of 2.8 watts RMS. Cranking up the volume will also activate the anti-clipping system to correct the output level to avoid cuts or distortion.

The Bluetooth 4.0 is fully compatible with any Bluetooth device such as a DVD, smartphone, tablet or a computer, and has a range of ten meters.

The Shoqbox also has a built-in microphone, so users can also use it as a speakerphone for answering phones, and if users want to connect a computer that does not have Bluetooth the Shoqbox offers an auxiliary 3.5 mm audio input minijack connection.

Finally, the rechargeable lithium polymer battery has a usage time of five hours, enough for a beach morning or afternoon relaxing by the pool or garden.

Wireless Specs

Wireless Inputs
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth Wireless Range 30 feet
aptX Support

Connectivity Details

The Philips ShoqBox Mini BT2200 uses Bluetooth to play music wirelessly. Generally, Bluetooth streams audio at a lower quality and over less distance than Wi-Fi-based technologies.

The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 uses Bluetooth v4.0, which is the latest version and delivers the best audio quality possible with Bluetooth. The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 has a Bluetooth wireless range of 30 feet, which is just below average.

Wired Connectivity: The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 can receive audio from its 3.5mm (AUX) and micro-USB ports, in addition to its wireless capabilities. It has no wired outputs, meaning that it cannot pass audio to other devices or headphones.

Wired Inputs

3.5mm (AUX)

Wired Outputs



Playback Time


Battery Capacity


Battery Type
Rechargeable Battery
Power Form
Battery Powered
USB Powered
Controller Type
iOS App
Android App
Windows Phone App
Mac App
PC App
Integrated in Speaker


The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 has a battery capacity of 500 mAh (50% worse than the average) and a playback time of 5 hours (38% worse than the average). Both metrics are important to consider. Battery capacity is an unbiased measure of the battery’s abilities, but different speakers can use vastly different amounts of power. Wattage is a good indicator of how much power a speaker consumes; the ShoqBox Mini BT2200 has an RMS of 2.8 Watts. Playback time attempts to measure the number of hours a speaker can play for, but there is no standard for measurements, so the numbers may be deceiving.


This speaker is a Bluetooth speaker, so it can play music and be controlled from any device that supports Bluetooth audio streaming.


Water resistant

In The Box

  • Main unit
  • USB cable
  • Short user manual

Frequency Response and Distortion

Low Frequency


High Frequency


Frequency Variance

+/– dB

Frequency Response

Frequency is a measure of how high- or low-pitched a sound is. A speaker’s frequency response determines the range and accuracy of the sounds it can produce. The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 has a frequency range of 40 Hz–20 kHz. Its lowest frequency is 30 Hz lower than the average wireless speaker, and its highest frequency is about average. This speaker also has a frequency variance of +/- 3dB, which is pretty standard. This is a measurement of how accurately (on average) it can reproduce the frequencies in its range. Although frequency variance is a useful measurement, it is only an average. To get the full picture, one should consult a frequency-response curve, which shows the speaker’s variance over its entire frequency range. It should be noted that there are no standards for how frequency measurements are recorded, and results can vary quite a bit based on the testing environment. When in doubt, listen for yourself, and trust your ear!

Power and Volume



Impedance measures how much electrical resistance the speaker gives an amplifier. The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 has an impedance of 4Ω, which is fairly low (8Ω is the norm). A lower impedance is usually indicative of a high-end speaker, and means the speaker can play louder using less power.

Power Handling or Wattage is the amount of power a speaker can handle from its amp. More watts generally means a louder speaker. RMS (also called continuous power) measures how much power the speaker can handle over a long period of time, and is the best metric for power handling. The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 has an RMS of 2.8 Watts (below average for a wireless speaker).


Physical Specs

Channels 1.0 Channel
Form Factor Mini/Pocket
Colors Black

Speaker Dimensions

Speaker Height


Speaker Length


Speaker Depth


Speaker Weight



Form Factor and Channels

The ShoqBox Mini BT2200 is a mini/pocket speaker; it’s small enough to carry around with you and use on-the-go. It’s 1.0 channel, meaning that it is a single speaker.


Weighing in at 0.4 lbs, the ShoqBox Mini BT2200 is one of the lightest portable wireless speakers. Heavier speakers tend to produce better sound quality (at the expense of portability, of course); keep this in mind as you make your decision.


The ShoqBox Mini BT2200’s dimensions are 2.7 x 4.2 x 2.3 inches. At a volume of 26 in³, this is pretty small for a portable wireless speaker.

Release Date

The Philips Shoqbox Mini hit stores on April 1 2015


The Philips Shoqbox Mini sells for 50 EUR or 56.88 USD

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