Samsung To Limit Use Of Free Themes On Android Pie

With Android Pie nearing a first-quarter release in 2019, Samsung decided to drop a bombshell on users noting that there will be a 14-day cap on the use of free themes in the Samsung Themes store with Android Pie.

The full message (in the screenshot below) can be seen when accessing the Samsung Theme Shop on your smartphone. Once you surpass the 24-day trial of your free theme use, your device automatically reverts to the stock theme.

Samsung To Limit Use Of Free Themes On Android Pie
Image via XDA-Forums

Samsung plans to let users know that their use of any free theme is coming to an end by displaying a notification a day and 10 minutes before the switch back to the default theme occurs.

While it’s unclear what prompted the change, at the moment, it is unclear whether or not users will be able to simply install the same free theme after the initial 14-day grace period. For now, you can enjoy your free themes until Android 9 Pie comes to the Galaxy S9, Note 9, and S9+ (and any Samsung phone that gets the update) early next year.

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