Philips PicoPix PPX 4350

The Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless Pocket Projector is a 50 lumens Bluetooth capable wireless pocket projector developed by Phillips.

Philips PicoPix 4350

Current technology allows us to have access to increasingly powerful and better performing smaller size devices. This is the case of pocket projectors, an upward trend, with an increasing number of gadgets available on the market. Philips, one of the manufacturers that has chosen the pocket projector rout, has launched the new PicoPix PPX 4350 Wireless, aimed at younger, extreme sports lovers and all those seeking the ultimate in connectivity and mobility.

With HDMI, USB and a micro SD slot it's easy to project videos and pictures. PPX 4350 Wireless supports screen mirroring (Miracast compatible) through a Wi-Fi dongle. With the Bluetooth audio function it can be connected to Bluetooth speakers.


  • HDMI interface, micro SD slot, integrated media player

    HDMI interface, micro SD slot, integrated media player

  • Project HD videos and images up to 60" (152 cm) in size

    Project HD videos and images up to 60" (152 cm) in size

  • Support of MHL for mobile devices

    Support of MHL for mobile devices

  • USB plug and socket for power and to play videos

    USB plug and socket for power and to play videos directly from your USB stick

  • WavEngine with LED technology

    WavEngine with LED technology surprises with crystal clear pictures in brilliant colours

  • Bluetooth function and Wi-Fi dongle for screen mirroring

    Bluetooth function and Wi-Fi dongle for screen mirroring (Miracast compatible)

Small size; maximum efficiency

Its size is so small that you can hold in the palm and can slip it into your pocket and take it anywhere. Wherever you are, you can share photos, videos and multimedia content quickly and easily. The projection system WavEngine (50 Lumens) and LED technology makes it possible to project HD content with bright colors, with a diagonal of 60'' (152cm).


See the PicoPix Philips 4350 in action in the short video:


To access photos, videos and multimedia content on tablets and smartphones, the PicoPix PPX 4350 is ultra connected. With Wi-fi, mini HDMI and micro SD connections, the projector easily connects to multiple devices. For more independence, the PPX 4350 Wireless incorporates a sound bar. Thanks to its Bluetooth audio function, the sound can be amplified by an external speaker, thus producing an authentic experience of "home cinema" with exceptional sound quality. And all this with a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Furthermore, the device WI-FI dongle and Miracast technology makes it easy to project photos and videos of your holidays/adventures from your Smartphone or Tablet without making use of any cables.

Philips PicoPix 4350 Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless Connector

With the USB QuickLink, no need to use any other cables: it can be used as a bracelet holding the PicoPix 4350 in place anywhere. When separated, you can use it as a USB to watch your favorite movies and series, load the projector or connect to other devices.

It can be connected directly to cameras, external hard disk or USB ports to project content on any wall: it will be like having a small pocket cinema. Furthermore, with the PicoPix 4350 Wireless you can share media with your PC through a USB connection for project presentations in the office.

Its 4GB of internal memory also allows you to upload movies directly on the PicoPix, perfect to enjoy movies on the go. You own personal "travelling theater".

Outdoor companion 

With its neat appearance, PicoPix PPX 4350 Wireless, is perfect for all lovers of design. It also includes many useful features for outdoor adventures, including SOS, flash and emergency light.



The PicoPix PPX 4350 is truly a unique find that take entertainment to all new dimensions. This is the device you'd want to get if you're into outdoor entertainment.  This is one device that you can count on for endless entertainment in the palm of your hands. You can read up on other Philips Projectors or check out the Philips PicoPix PPX 4010.



Display technologyDLP WavEngine
Light sourceRGB LED
LED life-time over30.000h
Native resolution640x360px
Contrast ratio1300:1
Screen size (diagonal)25-152cm (10"-60")
Screen distance48cm-285cm (19“-112“)
Brightnessup to 50 lumens
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, micro SD/SDHCyes
Internal memory4GB
Integrated media playeryes
Internal 1 W sound baryes
Dimensions & Weight
Unpacked (without accessories)129g (4.14 oz)

(3.81x2.12x1.00 inch)

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