Philips PicoPix PPX 4010

Philips continues to push its mini projectors with the introduction of the Philips PicoPix PPX 4010. The PPX 4010 is so small that its even smaller than a standard computer mouse. Still, the device can project images and video on a screen of up to 120 inches. This article provides an overview of the features and characteristics of the device as well as a Philips PicoPix PPX 4010 review.

Philips PicoPix PPX 4010


The Philips PPX4010 is  remarkable, since it is one of the most compact Philips projectors ever. The exact dimensions are 68 mm wide, 66 mm in depth and 22 mm high , and it weighs only 83 grams. As shown in the pictures, it occupies approximately the same size as a PC mouse, so it can be worn comfortably in laptop case or your backpack or normal bag, allowing you to always have it on hand for any presentation while hardly noticing any extra weight.


The Philips PicoPix PPX 4010 has an LED RGB light source with Smart Engine LED technology.  This option is becoming the norm for most standard size projectors, and has the advantage, given the long life (approximately 30,000 hours) users will never worry about changing the lamp anytime soon. Moreover, the LED technology offers a more defined and vivid light, with great contrast levels that is equivalent to that of a conventional lamp's power. More specifically, the PPX 4010 offers a brightness of 100 lumens and, it is capable of projecting both images and videos up to a resolution of 854x480 pixels on a display of up to 120 inches (305 cm). Users can adjust the focus manually via a control on the top of the device.


Philips PicoPix PPX 4010


See the PPX 4010 in action in the short introduction video below.


As far as connections go, the PPX 4010 includes a mini HDMI port, for easy connection to computers, tablets and even smartphones. The device receives power via a micro USB port and can connect directly to a computer or an outlet (via an adapter purchased separately, a big no no for Philips)

At least Philips includes an HDMI to Mini HDMI cable as well as a micro USB to standard or type A USB so, for the most part, the basic connections are included with the package.

Philips PicoPix PPX 4010


The Philips PicoPix PPX 4010 price is somewhere in the middle, it retails for 300 euros. You can check out other Philips Projectors or read up on the PicoPix PPX 4350, another great choice.


In short, the PPX 4010 is a small but capable mini projector with which you can project photos, videos, presentations or any type of document from any computer with an HDMI port and you can always bring along the rest of your accessories without worrying about space, because it takes up very little.



Check out a review of the specifications below:

Resolution854 x 480
ColourMetallic silver
Viewing size15" - 120"
Aspect ratio5000:1
Brightness100 lumens
Contrast5000 : 1
Projection distance0.5 - 5 m
Inputs- HDMI
- Mini HDMI
Noise level28 dB
Accessories included- Mini HDMI cable
- USB cable
Dimensions68 x 66 x 22 mm (H x W x D)
Weight83 g

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