7 Reasons Why You Should Own An Ice Maker

Many people may think an ice maker isn’t worth the trouble. They may picture big, bulky versions found in hotels and restaurants, and believe that there’s no room in their home or office. Or they may think they’re a waste, and just not worth the price.

But ice makers don’t have to be an inconvenience. There are plenty of small, compact, and affordable options out there that will fit into your home or office. Whether you’re looking for an ice maker to help you entertain, or one to take with you to tailgate before the game, there’s an ice maker out there that’s right for you.

Ice Makers: The Basics

Ice makers are pretty straightforward machines. First, pour clean water into the tank. The ice maker will fill the ice tray with the water, and the cooling element will be activated.

Once the ice is completely frozen, the bottom of the ice tray is heated up so that the ice slides out into the bin. Scoop out the ice, refill the water tank, and let it start cooling again.

This process will vary a bit by manufacturer and model, but this is how most will work.

Why Should You Own an Ice Maker?

1. Ditch The Ice Trays

Waiting for ice trays to freeze is a hassle, and to make all the ice you’ll need, they take up a lot of room that you could be using to store other food. Getting the ice out can be a pain, and you may end up spilling half of it on the floor. Free up your freezer by getting a dedicated ice maker.

It’ll cool faster than the freezer, producing the amount of ice that you need, when you need it. Stop worrying whether you filled the ice tray before you went to bed. With an ice maker, you’ll always have fresh ice ready, no matter the occasion.

2. Hosting The Perfect Event

Ice makers are great for those who frequently host parties or other get togethers and serve a lot of drinks. You might consider going to the store to buy ice every time, but this takes time that you would rather spend cooking, preparing, or socializing. And carrying heavy bags of ice, whether in the heat or the cold, can put a strain on you.

Whether you’re making cocktails for guests, blending margaritas, or cooling down a pitcher of tea, an ice maker will give the flexibility to entertain as you see fit.

3. Helping Out In The Kitchen

Even if you don’t entertain, an ice maker is great to have around the kitchen or bar area.

If you cook, an ice maker can help when you need to cool down soups, blanch vegetables, or keep seafood at the right temperature.

4. Cooling Off

Having an ice maker around the house is great on those long hot summer days when the AC just can’t keep up. Use a bag of ice to cool off, or ensure that you always have enough ice to stay hydrated as the temperature spikes.

And if you’re a runner or athlete, an ice maker can help you keep those swollen knees or sore back from interfering with your performance.

5. For The Office

An ice maker is a device that can add to any office. With many options that are small and quiet, you can fit them into any break room or office. Add some ice to that luke warm morning coffee to get an afternoon boost, or have end of the week cocktail or margarita hours. Or use it to help host holiday parties, and not worry about having to run out to get ice.

They’re a great way of bringing the office together, and won’t put a dent in the budget.

6. Ice On The Go

Ice makers don’t have to stay at home. They are a great option for whenever you are hosting tailgates before a game. Instead of going to the store and lugging in bag after bag of ice, just keep an ice maker running so that you have fresh ice, from morning until gametime.

Or take one camping, so that you always have ice with you without running to the store. Put your fish on ice after a fishing trip so that it’s fresh when you get home. Keep a cooler of beer at the right temperature for when you get back from a long hike.

An ice maker doesn’t have to be a luxury. Many of them are affordable and compact, and are a great addition to any home, office, or outdoor space.

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