Philips NX5

The Philips NX5 sound tower is Hi-Fi speaker system that sports a  massive subwoofer and LED lights built into the speakers.


The Philips Sound tower NX5 is the successor to the Philips NX1 and is characterized mainly by two things:

  • A massive sub-woofer that provides powerful bass that incorporates the NX Bass Button to enhance sound quality instantly. Available in whole line, this button pops bass and power to the extreme. Pressing this button can enhance sound instantly, create effects of rampant lights and vibrations.
  • Its LED lights built into the speakers. To create a suitable atmosphere for any party. With over 260,000 combinations of colored lights that flicker, flash and flow to the beat of the music automatically or one of the preset modes in order to create a spectacular atmosphere.


The Philips NX5 is a tall tower of combined speakers that are housed using a lightweight wooden body covered with plastic. On the top and bottom part are two full range speakers which are the largest, while in the middle are another two speakers that emphasize the higher frequencies of sound.

Although this is a large, heavy speaker (39.6 cm x 39 cm x 114 cm and 30 kilos), what it has in its favor is that it groups everything all in one body without sacrificing much space.

Its futuristic design combines the style of a DJ mixer with a center of command  (located at the top) seen in science fiction movies.

At the very top, there is the slit for playing CDs and right beside it is the Bluetooth indicator that lights up (blue) when wirelessly paired with a device (see Vine video below). There are also the buttons for presets like jazz, rock, techno, samba, etc. The speakers have LED lamps that change color to user preference, but users can also (happily) deactivate this feature.

The speaker uses a kind of handle that, in combination with a pair of lower rear wheels, allows to transport the heavy equipment. 


Overall it has very good performance (like most Philips Speakers). It has up to 650 W of power, which will not be needed to experience or entertain a large, crowded room. It has Bluetooth connectivity that transmits music from a mobile device as well.

The overall sound quality of the NX5 is enough to satisfy any party goer. As the volume increases, sound waves can be felt across the body 9if you’re standing directly in front of the speakers) and this is especially true for heavy bass music. Moreover, the music is well refined, keeping crystal clear and crisp sound even at the highest volume.

The bass is the most prominent sound however, it does not overpower the other sounds. The NX5 intricately pumps out soothing mids and well-defined highs, making for a unique and exciting listening experience.


It combines two audio sources in parallel and allows mixing (crossfader) manually. The NX5 accepts input music from USB, CD, Audio In and Bluetooth. Of course, for mixtures, users better have audio stored on USB sticks. The mix allows audio from sources that are physically connected to the computer.

It also has an Auto DJ function, default effects and the ability to program the lights and colors of the speakers according to the rhythm of the music. The Nitro Bass button will boost the audio within a few seconds making for an exhilarating surprise.


The price of Philips Nitro NX5 sells for $499.99


Philips Nitro NX5 Specifications 

Output power 8800 PMPO
Total Sound Power (RMS) 650 W
Sound enhancement
  • NX Bass
  • Dynamic Bass Boost 3 steps
  • digital sound control 4 modes
  • 63Hz
  • 250Hz
  • 1kHz
  • 4kHz
  • 12kHz
Number of speaker boxes 1
Speaker drivers
  • 8″ woofer
  • 2″ tweeter
Speaker types bass reflex speaker system
Audio playback
Playback media
  • CD
  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • MP3-CD
Disc playback modes
  • repeat/one/all/program
  • repeat/shuffle/program
USB Direct playback modes
  • fast backward/fast forward
  • play/pause
  • previous/next
  • repeat
  • shuffle
  • stop
Audio recording
Recording media USB device
USB recording sources
  • CD
  • tuner
  • AUX
  • microphone in
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
USB recording modes
  • instant record
  • programmed tracks
  • schedule radio program
  • single disc
  • single track
Station presets 40
Tuner bands
  • FM
  • MW
  • FM antenna
  • MW antenna
Tuner enhancement
  • auto digital tuning
  • auto scan
  • Easy set (plug & play)
Auto DJ
Metal Yes
Party Yes
DJ Effect
Beat Box Yes
Reverb Yes
Yeah Yes
Scratch Yes
DJ Mix
Source A
  • Audio in
  • Bluetooth
  • Disc
  • Tuner
  • USB
Source B
  • Audio in
  • USB
Microphone Dual microphone sockets(6.3mm)
USB Dual USB host
Audio in 3.5mm stereo line in x2
Aux in
  • 4 x RCA
  • DVD
  • Game
  • PC in
  • TV
Number of discs 1
Loader type slot
Karaoke MIC volume
Light Effect Peace, Passion, Power, Samba, Fiesta, Cielo, Custom
Power supply 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz

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