iPhone X Explodes On Upgrade To iOS 12.1

While we all know that a certain smartphone is susceptible to spontaneous combustion, we wouldn’t expect Apple’s iPhone X to explode. However, that’s the experience of one iPhone X owner as reported on Twitter. Apple’s response, “That’s definitely not expected behavior. DM us, so we can look into this with you.”

“This year early January I bought the iPhone and have been using it normally.” he said. The iPhone X was in process of getting updated to iOS 12.1 when Mohamad, as is standard practice, put it on charging. “Dark grey smoke started coming from the phone. The update was completed and as soon as the phone turned on it started to smoke and caught fire.”

Rahel Mohamad in a statement to Gadgets360

Apple has asked that Mohamad ship the destroyed iPhone to them for further investigation. And, while it’s not expected behavior, it’s not the first time that an iPhone has exploded. Luckily, these occurrences are rare.

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