What To Do When iPhone Screen Is Black

With all the problems that plague mobile phones, you hope that it won’t happen to you. However, you go to turn on your iPhone but the iPhone screen remains black. No Apple logo. No lights. Just a black screen. You ask yourself, “why is my iPhone screen black“? In this article, we discuss why your iPhone display might turn black and how to fix it.

iPhone Screen Black Fixes

We all know that phone screens can go black when they are not in use. Also, if your iPhone battery dies, the screen goes black. However, you know that your battery is fully charged and that you did not turn off your iPhone display. What do you do? Is it a hardware issue? Or is it a software issue? Let us find out!

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Hard Reset iPhone

The first thing you can do to erase most software issues is to perform a hard reset on your iPhone. However, the process varies slightly depending on your iPhone version. Use the below links to find the process for your specific iPhone variant:

Ok. Once you follow the steps to perform the hard reset, the Apple logo ought to appear on your iPhone’s screen. Once it does, you know that you had a software malfunction and that your screen is perfectly fine. However, if no Apple logo appears and your iPhone screen is still black then there may be a hardware malfunction.

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Troubleshooting iPhone Screen Hardware Issues

Should your iPhone have a hardware problem, it is always wise to take the device to an Apple Store. At the Apple Store, a technician can check your iPhone’s display your iPhone’s logic board. 

You should not attempt to disassemble your iPhone unless you are proficient enough to do so. Your iPhone display, while removable, houses several parts that you may damage. For example,

  •  The iPhone’s LCD screen.
  • The iPhone’s digitizer.
  • The iPhone’front-facingng camera.
  • The Home button.

In the below video, you see the necessary steps to take in order to fix your iPhone screen at home. However, I recommend taking it to a professional.

Things You Need To Fix iPhone Screen At Home



Video: How To Replace An iPhone Screen At Home

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