iPhone 7 Parachute System

iPhone 7 Parachute System: The iPhone is prone to slips and falls, ask any iPhone owner, but now, Sonitdac came up with a concept to implement a parachute system in the iPhone 7.  Through this concept, when the iPhone falls down, the system on the iPhone will calculate the falling speed, and it will blow CO2 gas through the iPhone’s sides, thus reducing the impact.


“The concept is likely inspired by a recent Apple patent which details how auto ejecting shock absorbers could be used to protect your iPhone when dropped. On that patent, Apple creates screen protector tabs inside the body of the device. These tabs may be formed of various flexible and/or rigid materials such as plastic, plastic film, polyethylene terephthalate or other polymers, metal, thin film metal, combinations thereof, and/or other such materials. In some implementations, these tabs may be positioned at each corner of the screen. However, in other implementations the tabs may be positioned at a variety of positions around the screen, such as at the sides of the screen.

…. the screen protectors may extend above the screen such that ends or other portions of the screen protectors contact a surface onto which the electronic device is dropped before the screen contacts the surface, thus preventing contact of the screen.”

Do you expect Apple to adopt this concept? See what it could be like if they really did adopt it: Source

iPhone 7 - Parachute System


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