Intel Edison - The Smart Diaper

We are used to living with so many smart devices in all aspects our lives, from watches to mobile phones, from cars to thermostats, but a smart diaper is something which few have thought of so far. To fill this gap in our robotized world Acer has come up with the Intel Edison and the Smart Diaper. During Computex, the Taiwanese manufacturer has shown an interesting use of the microscopic module, Intel Edison , the micro PC that is the size of a dime.

DiaperPie - Smart Diaper in the Works

DiaperPie, this is the name of the proposed smart diaper, is a diaper that thanks to an integrated mini pc is able to monitor several parameters of the wearer. At Computex the Intel Edison Smart Diaper module was slightly bulkier but Acer ensures that it will be able to reduce everything to a few square centimeters. DiaperPie can measure body temperature, posture and sleep as well the presence of liquids and solids ejected, which is sent through the  integrated Bluetooth 4.0 LE module.

Intel Edison Powered Smart Diaper, Diaper Pie, Can Revolutionize Health Care/Child Care

Additionally, the smart diaper can be used for elderly care as well as child care. Think of those that are bedridden by incapacitating illnesses and who may have trouble communicating with others. A simple notification on any smartphone will allow people who care for the sick to take prompt action. This would be, fro once, a really clever use of technology, and one that can greatly improve the quality of people's lives. Let's all hope that Acer decides to continue developing the Intel Edison Smart Diaper - Diaper Pie.

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