3 Ways to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Do you want to view an Instagram Story without them knowing? You might have several reasons behind this, and if you desire so, there are several methods on how you can do this. Let’s take a look on how you can view other stories without them knowing about it.

Different Methods of Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously

Here are the three methods below. The first one is probably the easiest and the quick one because you use your own Instagram account. The second one is the second hardest because you have to make another account, and the third is probably the most difficult of these three because you have to research. I would recommend the first method because it is the easiest, and they won’t know that you have blocked them.

1. View their Story in Your Account and Block them for 24 hours

If you want to view their Instagram story with your own account, you can use this method. Rest be assured, they will not know that you have blocked their account. What this method does is that you view their story, and then, you block their account. By doing so, you won’t show up in their watched list, so that you can view their story anonymously. Then, you can unblock them after 24 hours because the Instagram stories only last 24 hours.

2. Make Another Account and View their Story

If you are not comfortable with the first method of viewing instagram story, you can make a dummy account. You just have to make another account with fake name, fake picture, and personal info, and view their account. If their account is public, then you don’t have any problems. However, if their settings are private, you have to get their permission to follow them. Then, you can view their story. If their account is private and you follow them, I recommend the first method.

3. Use Third Party Services

If the methods above are not comfortable for you, you can use third party services to anonymously view other’s Instagram stories. There are many out there, and you just have to search Google. Some are free and some are paid, so make sure to do research! I would be wary of paid services because you don’t want to lose money on services that do not work.

These third party services include websites in your PC or even apps! So I would read several reviews on Google before deciding which one to use.

I hope that this post on how to view Instagram Stories anonymously helped. If you want to see more Instagram tips, go to Instagram Category. Also, let me know which methods that you prefer in the comment section below!

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