HTC One M9+ to feature SoC Mediatek

HTC is not going through an easy time from an economic point of view. The company, despite efforts, continues to encounter great difficulty in being able to make their preferred smartphone better than the competition.

HTC ONE M9+ Release Date

During the month of September the flagship HTC One M9+ will be launched in Italy, while in the fourth quarter of 2015 the company will present a brand new device, according to rumours made ​​so far, that will focus primarily on the design.

HTC ONE M9+ MEdiatek CPU

In the coming months HTC would give the spotlight to another device, or rather a new variant of a device already on the market, The HTC One M9. The current flagship of the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, if the information provided by the Chinese store Snapfish are proved correct, it could reach the market with a new version and a Mediatek CPU.

The exact model of the SoC is not currently known, as well as the exact release date and price of the new smartphone. We are therefore waiting for new information.

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