HTC 15% Employee Cut: Over 2,250 Layoffs

HTC is certainly not having a good time: the Financial results continue to prove unsatisfactory and the Taiwanese company is forced to cut costs; as already mentioned a few days ago, the choice is to cut down on staff: 2,250 employees will lose their jobs, about 15% of the "staff" of the technology giant.

Lenovo Cutting Costs: Lays of 3200 Employees


Even a company like Lenovo, fifth in the world in the field of smartphones, has found itself in these days having to lay off 3200 employees well after a negative quarter; HTC also decided that it will focus on creating new business units in an attempt to focus and pay more attention to profitable growth in key sectors, like precisely that of smartphones and mobile technology.

HTC Needs to Refresh its Catalogue

The company itself admitted that consumers do not seem interested in its offer of current devices; We just have to wait for a new product, which we could get in the last quarter of 2015, in hopes that it proves viable for the revival of the fortunes of a brand of such a high caliber.

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