How To Use Galaxy S10 Wireless PowerShare

The Galaxy S10 has just become one of the best phones on the market. With its 3400mAh battery Samsung has turned its latest phone into a portable power bank. It’s true you heard right. As long as the device you’re trying to charge is Qi-enabled you can charge them using your S10. Let’s show you how to use Galaxy S10 Wireless PowerShare.

How to use Galaxy S10 Wireless PowerShare

  • On the home screen swipe down to reveal the status bar. Swipe down again to reveal the ‘quick setting’ menu. If you’re unable to locate the power share button swipe to the left and you’ll see a number of settings locate the power share.
  • Click on the power share setting
  • Tap on the power share switch on the top right
  • Place the center of the back of your phone to any device you wish to charge such as another phone your galaxy watch and even your google buds yep that right! Its best to keep both devices upright to make sure they don’t slip and continue to charge.
  • Once you’ve finished charging remove the phone.
  • The power share notification will pop up lick to expand the notification and click disable.

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