How To Counter Pyke

How To Counter Pyke: Pyke is a League of Legends champion that can be played in several lanes. He’s an effective Jungle, Support, or Top lane champion. In this article, you learn some of the ways to counter Pyke and which champions are good Pyke counters.

A tutorial on how to counter Pyke support, jungle, top, or other lane when playing League of Legends (LOL).

How Pyke Works

Playing Against Pyke

  • Pyke’s R bypasses shields so it will only take into account base health.
  • Pyke’s R is an execute, if you’re low avoid staying on the map if he’s close by.
  • Pyke’s Q needs to be charged up for more than 0.5 seconds to pull enemies, else it will only slow.
  • Pyke’s W is camouflage so revealing wards can spot it.
  • Pyke can use R after using E to ensure he can stun his target.

Power Spike

Very strong burst potential, especially at level 6. Good gank setup with Q and E.Hard to poke out due to his passive. He can easily kill immobile carries with R if they don’t have Flash.


  • Once Pyke engages he has no real way of getting out and he’s extremely squishy.
  • Brings even more Physical damage to a composition which can make it easy for the opposing team to itemize against.
  • Has a hard time against tank supports that can easily lock him down with Hard CC.

How To Counter Pyke: Champions

Looking at the list of prime choices for playing against Pyke, you notice a trend. These champions have roots, knock-ups, stuns, or some form of Crowd Control. Also, Tanky champions stand a good chance against him. A combination of both would be ideal.

Tips & Tricks For Playing Against Pyke

  • If Pyke is hidden nearby in his Ghostwater Dive, sharks circle underneath your feet. Use this as an indicator to fend of surprise attacks.
  • Also, try not to stand near low health allies. If Pyke executes them using Death from Below, allies caught within the area of effect take damage as well.
  • When playing against a Pyke jungle, make sure to buy Control Wards to negate his Ghostwater Dive. This ability does not grant Pyke invisibility. It works like camouflage. Hence, Control Wards reveal him. 

Countering Pyke Support

Pyke is an effective assassin support. His ability to stalk his victims through stealth before launching a surprise attack to tip the odds in his team’s favor is especially dangerous. His kit consists of crowd control, stealth, and damage. This makes him an effective champion who can take out weak teammates and deal damage to those near his area of effect.

  • Remember to keep your health high in a fight. This allows you to not immediately die from Pyke’s ultimate.
  • Be sure to dodging his stun. This is a high priority because if you do, you essentially make him useless in a team fight.
  • As much as you can, keep a good distance between you and Pyke to avoid his Bone Skewer.
  • Pyke’s ultimate has an area of effect in the shape of an X. Playing champions with natural dashes can negate his ultimate by dashing away from it.

How To Counter Pyke LOL: A Counter Play Video

You now know how to counter Pyke when playing against him in the Jungle, as a Support, or Top. Use the advice above to come up with a counter play strategy to shore up a win for your team.

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