Google Translate on Android Wear

The new interactive watch faces are not the only thing that Google has in the works for the upcoming 1.3 update for Android Wear.The software giant will also integrate the Google Translate app!

Android Wear Automatically Translates Conversations Using Google Translate

In addition to supporting the classic function of translating static text, the Google Translate app for Android Wear smartwatch allows you to communicate with other people in a foreign language through a system of automatic translation. After translating for the first time a phrase in the language of the interlocutor simply turn your wrist to see the translated sentence, after which you can say or reply and the app will automatically translate the info into the target language and vice versa. Android Wear will automatically recognize what languages ​​are spoken. And it can translate about 44 different supported languages (compared to 90 available for the classic static translations), simplifying interaction with the smartwatch.


In short, once again Google proves that it never ceases to surprise. A big comeback as Microsoft Translator was recently released on Android Wear, with this new feature of "conversation translation". What do you think? It might be for you?