Google Pixel 3 Struck With Involuntary Flickering Display Problem

New reports emerged on a Reddit thread that claim the Pixel 3’s display flickers involuntarily at random. Reddit user Tinksy uploaded a video showing his Pixel 3 flashing a bright white light at random in what some guesstimate to be a problem with the Pixel 3’s ambient display.

After the video was uploaded to Reddit, many users started commenting that their Pixel 3 devices had suffered a similar malfunction. Some users even had to replace their smartphone for a new one.

Over on Google’s own forums, reports are that the issue started after the November Security Patch update. For now, it seems that disabling Ambien Display resolves the issue.

It all seems familiar as a similar issue struck the Pixel 2 last year. Google later fixed the problem by sending out an update. While we’re not sure if Google plans to do the same, a device replacement may be in your best interest if the problem pops up on your Pixel 3.

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