4 Methods of Using Google Maps for Trucks

As truck drivers know, there are paths that seem perfectly fine for a normal car, and even for a pickup truck, but it is dangerous for trucks to drive in. For example, trucks cannot pass through a low bridge or climb up a steep mountain. That is where navigation tools like Google Maps can help truck drivers.

However, there is not a setting in Google Maps that is specifically for trucks. But, you can use Google Maps to your own benefit when planning your route for your truck. Especially coupled with truck GPS and/or truck apps, it can be both lifesaver and money saver for truck drivers.

Now, are you interested? Then, let’s see how you can use Google maps to better your trucking experience.

Method on Using Google Maps to Plan Your Truck Route

1. Google Maps Alternate Routes for Trucks

So, you can plan your route using Google Maps. First, you can use it to change your route based on traffic. To do that, you can enter the starting point and end destination on Google Maps. It then shows you what cities that you will go through. Let’s say that Google Maps suggestion show that you will go through Atlanta. However, you don’ want to do that with your big truck because it will be hectic when you get there. So, you can change Google Maps to show alternative routes that are more favorable for trucks. If those alternative routes are better and take only a little bit more time, then it is a safer bet to take that route instead of going through Atlanta.

2. Google Maps Terrain for Trucks

The next setting that you can use is Google Terrain mode. If you activate this setting, it will show you the map in the actual terrain. The darker the green, the more mountainous the path is, and the lighter the green, the flatter the road is. So, if you are applying this to trucks, you will want to choose a path that is lighter green so that you don’t have to pass through mountainous terrain.

Now, how do you do this? You use method one. You can look for alternative paths that does not take you through dark green area, which indicates mountains.

3. Google Maps Street View

Another helpful feature for trucks in Google Maps is the Street View. The street view literally gives you photos taken at the location that you specify. These photos are taken by many cars that Google pay to take videos and pictures. When I first used this feature, I was shocked that I can see my house clearly when I entered my house’s address. So, you can see the buildings, roads, signs, bridges, and whatever is located in the location that you specify.

This feature can be helpful in various ways for truck drivers. If you wonder what your end destination would look like so that you can better picture unloading procedures in your head, you can look at the street view to see the location and plan the unloading and arriving procedure in your head. If you wonder about a specific location, maybe a bridge or an overpass, you can look at that particular point to see if it is safe for your truck. The possibility here is endless, so you should put to good use!

4. Google Maps Traffic Info

Google Maps has a feature that shows you the current traffic. The road turns red if the traffic is really bad, and the road turns yellow if it the traffic is slow, and the road turns green if there is low traffic. This is done on real-time, so if you see a red section of the road ahead of you through google maps, you can take your truck in alternative routes that google suggests.

Suggestion: Use Google Maps along with Other Tools for Trucks

Google maps is excellent, but it shouldn’t be your only tool while driving your truck. There are excellent tools that are specific for trucks such as truck GPS. Google Maps should be a complimentary tool for truck drivers. I hope that these methods helped!

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