Google Contacts 3.2.4 Features “Dark Theme”

Google recently advised that more apps adopt a dark theme in order to improve battery life on Android devices. In what seems to be an effort to set an example, Google updated their Contacts app, version 3.2.4, and it now features a dark mode.

The night mode setting allows users to change the color of the Google’s default bright-white material theme background to a black or dark shade. In this case, the color is more dark grey upon closer inspection.

There are two ways to turn on night mode within the Google Contacts application:

  • Switch the toggle found in Settings to the on position.
  • Switch on Night Mode in Developer Options (this automatically enables the dark theme in the Contacts app).

After you update the app, you might need to Force Close it in order to see the new settings. You can get the updated Google Contacts 3.2.4 that features Night Mode on the Google Play Store. Or, get the raw APK file on

Other apps that feature a dark theme:

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