Fortnite: How To Get Free V-Bucks

Fortnite is a multiplayer video game available for PlayStation 4 and other platforms. With the free version, Fortnite Battle Royale, attracting a huge following. However, to get ahead, you need V-Bucks. You don’t want to spend your cash and buy V-Bucks. So, what do you do? In this article, we tell you all the ways that you can get free V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale. Earning free V-Bucks is as easy as pulling off a link-strike in Final Fantasy XV.

Free V Bucks Fortnite Battle Royale

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Things To Consider

To get free v-bucks, you have to purchase the Players vs. Enemies (PvE) mode, Save the World, to earn the free V-Bucks.  It costs $39.99. However, Epic Games has said,

We still have a lot of features to add before the PvE campaign is complete. We will launch the Save the World PvE campaign for free in 2018.  – Epic Games

Likewise, if you are on mobile, the first five methods will not work for you. Hence, you’d need the PS4, Xbox, Windows, or MacOS versions of the game.

Play Every Day

It is simple. Log into Fortnite and launch the Save the World mode each day. Chances are that you get some v-bucks. However, you can also score other things like cosmetic items as well. Luckily, you can see what reward you will receive if you log in the next day and so on and so forth.

Complete Daily Quests

Daily Quests become available after you complete the Save The World storyline. If you are familiar with the daily challenges in Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode, then this is similar.

The more daily quests you complete, the more V-bucks you earn. Find Daily Quests in the Fortnite main menu and under Quests at the top. Tap Quests and under Daily Quests, find all the available “jobs” you have.

Complete Storm Shield Missions

Also, you can earn free v-bucks by completing Strom Shield missions. These missions unlock in the four main areas of the in Save the World storyline. There are 6 Storm Shield Missions at the start of each new area. For each mission that you complete, you gain 100 v-bucks. However, for the last mission, you gain 150 v-bucks.

Complete Side Quests & Challenges

While not all side quests will net you V-Bucks, it is still profitable to complete them. Players can complete challenges up to 10 times. And, for each time that you successfully complete a challenge, you earn 50 v-bucks. That’s a total of 500 V-BUCKS per challenge! Challenges and Side Quests are found in Fortnite’s main menu under Quests.

Complete Events

Ok, maybe you do not necessarily need to complete an event. But, at least participate in them to gain some v-bucks. Events typically take place on a weekly basis and you can get much more than v-bucks too. Hence, you can’t lose out.

Buy V-Bucks Get Free V-Bucks

The last and only other method to get free v-bucks is to buy packages that offer free v-bucks. For example, the $59.99 package nets you an additional $15 worth of free V-Bucks. The $99.99 Package gets you an additional $35 worth of free V-bucks.

Word Of Caution

Any software or unofficial method, i.e., a method that does not come from the official Epic Games website or relevant platform website like the PlayStation Store is a scam. Furthermore, using unscrupulous methods to obtain free v-bucks can get you banned. Always use the official methods as listed above and enjoy playing Fortnite.


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