How To Fix “Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped”

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy device like the Galaxy S8? Then, chances are that you are here because you got a “Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped” error.

In this article, we teach you what to do when your Samsung keyboard crashes and how to fix the error.

“Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped” Fix

  • Firstly, press and hold the power button to open the power options.
  • Then, tap “Emergency Mode“.
  • After, use the Emergency Mode Keyboard to gain access to your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Lastly, hold down “Power”, then choose to exit Emergency Mode.

Once you regain access to your Galaxy smartphone, download and install a new keyboard from the app store. This option is only necessary if the Samsung Keyboard has stopped working error keeps occurring.

We have a nice selection of keyboards for Android. However, you can browse the app store for your own. And, you can also connect external keyboards/mice.

Change Default Keyboard

  • Generally, you need to open “Settings”.
  • Then, go to “Language and input
  • Lastly, select “Keyboard” and choose your preferred keyboard.

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