How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3

In this tutorial, you learn how to factory reset Google Pixel 3 devices. A factory reset allows you to restore your Pixel 3 to the default manufacturer settings. Thus, you erase all apps, data, and services that you installed after purchasing your Pixel 3.

2 Simple Ways To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3

There are two methods for factory┬áresetting a Google Pixel 3. The first method works if you have access to the Google Pixel 3 menu or settings. However, if, for example, your Pixel 3 won’t turn on, you can use the second method (hardware keys) to factory reset your Pixel 3.

Reset Google Pixel 3 Via Settings

  • Tap the gear icon in the notification section.
  • Or, go directly to the Settings.
  • Tap Backup and Reset below User and Backup.
  • Then, click Factory data reset.

It is important to backup important information like your Android contacts, photos, and documents.

  • After tap Delete all and it takes a few minutes for your Google Pixel 3 to factory reset itself.

Reset Google Pixel 3 Via Hardware Buttons

  • Turn your Google Pixel 3 off.
  • Once off, press and hold the volume up, the power and the home button.
  • An Android icon pops up.
  • Once the menu appears, choose data reset by using the volume buttons to go to the option.
  • Use the power button to select the option to factory reset.
  • Choose Yes using the power button.
  • Your Google Pixel 3 will restart and take you through the initial setup process.

Final Advice

2 Easy Ways To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3
2 Easy Ways To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3

The above steps/methods allow you to factory reset your Google Pixel 3. By now, you know that a factory reset erases all data and information stored on your device.

It restores your device to the default settings and it will be like having a brand new device to set up. Be sure to back up important information before doing any of the above.

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