Disable Flipped Photos – Samsung Galaxy S5

The save as flipped image is a feature that is available when using the front facing camera of your Galaxy S5 device. This feature allows your device to invert the picture that has been captured thus creating a mirror image. The only downside to this is that it not only flips the background scene but it also flips your face. The right side in the original scene will be the left side in the photo and vice versa. If you want to prevent this from happening then you’ll need to disable the feature yourself. Read the next page for the steps to disable flipped photos.

How to turn off save as flipped feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 stock Camera app?

You can disable this feature by using the following steps:

  1. Open the default Camera app.
  2. If the default Camera app is still using the rear camera, tap to switch to the front-facing camera.
  3. Tap to open up the detailed settings menu.
  4. Tap Save as flipped to turn this feature off.
  5. From now on, all portrait photos taken with the front-facing camera won’t be saved as flipped or mirrored images.

Thanks for reading: how to disable mirrored photos on a Samsung Galaxy S5. If this article helped you then share the information with your friends. You can, of course, return to enable the feature at any time by following the same steps outlined above but this time you will tap Save as flipped so that the box is filled with a green color or green check mark to allow the feature to function. You can learn how to do it on the Galaxy S6. Learn how to deal with battery life issues, find a lost S5 and troubleshoot charging problems. There is also a tutorial showing how to take screenshots on your Galaxy S5 and how to turn off the camera sound and install APK files.

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