Cyanogen OS 12.1 for OnePlus One Haulted

The latest Cyanogen OS 12.1 update for the OnePlus One has stopped rolling out due to numerous bugs discovered over the past few hours. As you know this is not the first time that an update has been cancelled and here are the bugs that have been detected thus far:

Cyanogen OS 12.1 Update Bugs (OnePlus One)

  1. No Mobile network after a clean flash
  2. "No service" message on the lockscreen
  3. Cellular signal is very unstable
  4. Compass inaccurate for some users
  5. NFC Quick Toggle is missing When enabled
  6. Video playback bug is still present
  7. When AudioFX is enabled and using Bluetooth in the car, Google Maps Navigation will mute music.With AudioFX disabled it functions normally Third party Camera bug
  8. WiFi and cellular signal strengths are quite poor and connecting on restart takes long

So far the update was rolled out for 2% of OnePlus One users then it was taken back. Stopping the update seems to be the only viable option right now. A new update will be pushed to devices, however, there is no timeline that will allow us to know exactly when this new update will be available.

If you're interested, you can still update your device to the latest OS (with the bugs) for testing by following this tutorial.

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