Galio Counters: How To Counter Pick Galio

Galio, the masterpiece, has become one of League’s versatile champions. He can play support, mid lane, top lane. He even makes for an effective jungler. In this article, we discuss how to effectively counter Galio on Summoner’s Rift.

Best Galio Counters

  • Udyr
  • Braum
  • Darius
  • Illaoi
  • Jhin
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Gatekeeper Galio

Galio Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Galio, you can finally counter pick Galio in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Galio. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Galio. After all, if you know how to play against Galio, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Galio in a lane.

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Enchanted Galio

Tips For Playing Against Galio

  • Try to avoid bunching up with other team members in order to reduce the impact of Galio’s ultimate.
  • Even though Galio is focused on dealing with magic damage champions, he is not completely useless against physical damage champions. Many of them still deal some magic damage with their kits, and Galio can build armor. His Shield of Durand’s active still reduces physical damage, even if the passive shield has little use against ADs. His amount of crowd control is also deadly against ADs too.
    • Still, picking an AD champion against Galio is by no means a bad idea. It forces him to start by building armor instead of building magic resistance which would make him scale better during the game. Also, ADs often have better tools to break through Galio’s defenses.
  • To prevent Galio from using his Justice Punch to escape, try to stick with him. This way, Galio will stop at you and he will be unable to escape.
  • Be wary that with some AP, Winds of War is a very effective wave clear tool. Try to pick champions that can compete with his wave clear.
    • It is also a good way to harass the enemy, so building magic resistance is recommended, especially because all of Galio’s offensive abilities deal magic damage.
    •  Vel’Koz is one of the best mages to pick against Galio because of his Organic Deconstruction passive which allows him to do true damage, bypassing all magic resistance that Galio builds, in addition to bypassing the shield from  Shield of Durand. In addition, Vel’Koz has high range and wave clear, two things that make him safe during the lane phase against Galio.
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Hextech Galio

By using the champions who counter Galio and the LoL Galio counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Galio players.

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