Camille Counters: How To Counter Pick Camille

Weaponized to execute outside the boundaries of the law, Camille is an elegant and elite operative who ensures the Piltover machine and its Zaunite underbelly run smoothly. In this article, we discuss how to effectively counter Camille on Summoner’s Rift. If you ever need to, that is…

Best Camille Counters

  • Illaoi
  • Kled
  • Fiora
  • Poppy
  • Jax
  • Tahm Kench
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Program Camille

Camille Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Camille, you can finally counter pick Camille in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Camille. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Camille. After all, if you know how to play against Camille, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Camille in a lane.

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Tips For Playing Against Camille

  • Camille’s shield only works against one damage type, so hit her when she’s vulnerable to your damage.
  • The Hextech Ultimatum has a very short range to cast, so try to Flash away from her before she gets close.
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Program Camille in Game

By using the champions who counter Camille and the LoL Camille counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Camille players.

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