Best Semi Pro Nikon DSLR

There are several good semi-professional cameras on the market. For example, Canon offers an excellent lineup of semi-pro DSLRs.  However, this list focuses on Nikon semi-pro cameras. And, just like the other lists, we break it down by Megapixels, AF PointsISO Range, and FPS. Each Nikon camera on this lists adheres to the following criteria.


Firstly, each Nikon semi-professional camera on the list has 20-24 megapixels. This range is good for a wide variety of photography. Furthermore, at 20- 24 megapixels you get stunning images. Unless you print large images or frequently crop your images, this is a good amount of pixels. Are More Megapixels Better? Watch as ThioJoeTech explains.

AF Points

Secondly, always pay attention to the AF Points. A camera with more AF Points offers more precise focus. For low light situations, Cross-type AF points perform better. Moreover, for those who shoot moving objects, a camera with more AF Points serves better. For example, the Nikon D500 has 153 points.

ISO Range

A higher ISO Range on any semi-professional camera typically gives brighter photos. Moreso in low-light conditions. However, the higher ISO produces more noise. And, while Full Frame Cameras handle this issue better than some of APS-C’s listed here, the chances are that quality won’t be affected using any of today’s cameras.


Lastly, check the FPS or Frames Per Second. Ordinarily, most users do fine with 5 FPS. However, for things like wildlife photography, 7-10 FPS is what you ought to aim for. This FPS range is also good for action/sports photography.

Best Semi-professional DSLR Canon Cameras

Finally, here are the top semi-professional Nikon DSLRs.

Model Megapixels AF Points Max ISO FPS Price
Nikon D7200 24.2 51 51,200 6 Check at Amazon
Nikon D500 20.9 153 1,640,000 10 Check at Amazon
Nikon D610 24.3 39 25,600 6 Check at Amazon

Nikon D7200

The Nikon D7200 goes head to head with the Canon 80D. Both cameras use a 24mp sensor. However, the D7200 has a maximum ISO of 102,400. And, while is has 51 AF points, only 15 are cross-type. The D7200 has a sturdy build and is a good camera for sports and wildlife. Although, persons doing videography might not enjoy using this camera as there is no aperture control. And, the Full HD at 600i only works in 1.3x crop mode. Check it out in the video below, buy it on Amazon, and check customer reviews here.

Nikon D500

Firstly, the Nikon D500 is the best APS-C/DX camera on the list. However, it is also the most expensive. The D500 offers superb low light performance and it allows you to go up to 1,640,000, far higher than any DSLR on the list. Moreover, it offers 4K video recording at 30fps, 2 memory card slots, and a 3.2″ articulating LCD screen. See it in the video below, purchase it on Amazon and read the reviews here.

Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 is the only Full Frame camera on the list. Although, this particular camera is aimed at professional photographers. It have 39AF points, a 24MP sensor and shoots at 6FPS. However, with the price and build, it fits comfortbly in the semi-pro budget range. Additonally, the D610 features a CF + SD memory card slot, a big LCD screen and a 100% viewfinder coverage. Find it on Amazon, read customer reviews and see it in action in the below video.


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