What Are The Best Laptop Backpacks For College?

Do you need help buying a laptop backpack for college students? Your laptop is a valuable possession. As such, you’d want to protect it when traveling. The best way to keep your laptop safe is to purchase a backpack for carrying laptops. Any regular bag won’t do. Laptop rucksacks for college students are available in varying sizes, shapes, colors and prices. This article reviews the best laptop bags for college students on the market. Also, we provide information on what to look for when buying a college backpack for your notebook. Take your time. Read through our comprehensive list of the best laptop backpacks for college students.

Things to Consider When Buying Laptop Backpacks

When buying the best backpack for college students with laptops, we must consider the design, comfort, space, durability & style. College laptop bags ought to have all of these aspects. Firstly, we talk about the design. Secondly, we speak of the comfort features and so on and so forth. Also, do note that we use the words rucksack, bag, and backpack interchangeably throughout the article. These words all refer to a carrying case for laptops.

Buying Laptop Bags For College – The Design

Is the particular college laptop bag a good fit for your computer? Is the bag spacious? Don’t forget about space for books. Safekeeping your laptop computers in oversized laptop backpacks result in unnecessary damage to your notebook. However, specific laptop rucksacks for college students with safe compartments for your computer exist. When we buy college laptop bags, we must consider the overall dimensions of both the device and the bag. The best laptop bags for your device will always fit snuggly. However, if large is what you aim for, always go for a cushioned laptop backpack.

Best Laptop Rucksacks – Comfort

Is the college laptop bag comfortable? Does the laptop backpack offer padded shoulder support? Laptops are sometimes cumbersome. Books for college are enormous. Padded shoulder straps allow for ease of wear and tear on both the bag and your shoulders. Moreover, traveling long distances on foot with your laptop & books increases chances of fatigue. For these reasons, always choose a laptop rucksack that features comfortable and adjustable straps.

Space – An Important Aspect of Laptop Rucksacks For College Students

Do you carry flash drives, smartphones, books, etc.? Then, the best laptop rucksack f0r c0llege students provide compartments for extra items. At the same time, the college laptop backpack keeps your laptop safe from any unwanted interaction with additional items. In other words, no scratches and bumps. Most of these backpack’s feature dedicated laptop cases.

Durability – How Strong is the College Laptop Bag?

Durability ties in with purchasing padded laptop rucksacks. Select a backpack that keeps your laptop safe from impacts and blows. After all, your primary motive is to safeguard your machine. Also, a waterproof laptop bag ensures full on protection in extreme weather conditions.

College Laptop Rucksacks & Style

Would you want to walk around with a plain old laptop rucksack? Your backpack need not be lifeless. Choose student laptop bags that reflect your personality and serve your purpose. Are you in law school? A corporate looking notebook bag for law students is an excellent fit. No one said you have to stick with just one. Buy one suited for all round purposes. Finally, here’s the list of laptop bookbags for college students.

Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for College Students Overview Chart

Name Weight Dimensions Price Rating (1-5)
1. BRINCH Laptop Backpack Knapsack Rucksack Business Travel Hiking Shoulder Bag Student School College Backpack For 10 – 17.3 Inch Laptop / Notebook / MacBook / Chromebook / Tablet Computer, Jean Blue 1.7 lbs 18.9×13.8×7 $$$ 4.8
2. [HotStyle Basic Classic] SmileDay Vintage Laptop Backpack for College School 1.9 lbs 10.8 x 5.3 x 17.1 $$ 4.7
3. Victoriatourist V6003 Laptop Backpack College Bookbag Business Travel Nylon Rucksack for Men Women Fits Macbook Pro / Most 15.6 Inch Laptops, Black 2.5 lbs 13.2 x9.5 x18.5 $$$ 4.7
4. Wowlife Unisex Canvas Backpack School Bag Laptop Bag for Teens Girl Boy Student .8 lbs 38x30x15cm $ 4.7
5. ThiKin Vintage Boys & Girls College Laptop Backpack High School Student Book Bag 0.9 lbs 16.1″ x 10.6″ x 4.7″ $$ 4.6
6. HotStyle Waterproof Canvas Vintage Backpack for College – Fits 15-inch Laptop – DarkGrey 1.2 lbs 11.4 x 4.7 x 16.5 $$ 4.6
7. KAKA Laptop Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops (5603225) 2.5 lbs 13 x 8 x 18 $$ 4.4
8. Linkworld Unisex Classic Casual College School Laptop Computer Backpack Up To 17-Inch Laptops and Tablets, Dark blue 1.8 lb 13.4 x 8.3 x 18.5 $ 4.4
9. Backpack for College Men – HotStyle Waterproof Flap Bookbag Fits 17.3″ Laptop – Black 1.4 lbs 11.4 x 5.5 x 18.9 $$ 4.3
10.  Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Laptop Bag Computer Bag Rucksack Daypack College Bag School Bag Sports Bag Duffel Bag Travel Bag Hiking Bag Camping Bag Weekend Bag Fits Most 15-inch Laptop 1.5 lbs 11.8 x 7.5 x 17.5 $$ 4.3

Top Five Laptop Bookbags For College Students Reviews

Well, you see the list. But, we need to let you know what to expect from the laptop bags featured on the list. We discuss the features, design and style of the top five laptop backpacks for college guys & gals from the above table. Furthermore, we offer even more options to choose from after the review. If you don’t like any of the laptop bags featured on the table. No worries! We begin with the BRINCH Laptop Backpack.

1. BRINCH Laptop Backpack For College Students Review

BRINCH Laptop Backpack Knapsack Rucksack For College Students -laptop rucksacks for college students

BRINCH Laptop Backpack Knapsack Rucksack For College Students

Oh, the BRINCH Laptop Bookbag! Are you a college student looking for a classy laptop backpack? The BRINCH Laptop Rucksack offers ample space. The integrated Velcro laptop compartment holds up to 17.3-inch laptops. Moreover, the BRINCH offers a padded laptop backpack. Also, the BRINCH backpack has a professional pocket for iPad, tablet, extra large room for books, clothes, etc.

Furthermore, this college laptop bookbag is very practical. It features various zippered or button pockets of different sizes. Additionally, the professional design holds many items, such as phone, wallet, notebooks, etc. Moreover, access is easy and quick. The BRINCH Laptop Rucksack has two side pockets for water bottle and compact Umbrella.

BRINCH Laptop Backpack For College Students - Best Laptop Backpacks for College Students

BRINCH Laptop Backpack For College Students – Best Laptop Backpack for College Students



The BRINCH Laptop Bookbag is comfortable. The airflow back system and adjustable shoulder strap airflow design provide extra padding.  This system allows for comfort and maximum back and shoulder support.

Furthermore, this college bookbag is very lightweight. Also, on the side of durability & style, the BRINCH bag uses sturdy shoulder straps. It handles heavy loads efficiently. Furthermore, the college backpack is anti-scratch & water resistant. Moreover, men or women, this bag is unisex.

2. [HotStyle Basic Classic] SmileDay Vintage Laptop Bags for College School

The HotStyle Basic Classic SmileDay Vintage Laptop Bag for college students comes in three colors. Khaki, Black & Sapphire. Made of 5% Polyurethane and 95% polyester. The SmileDay Vintage laptop bookbag features two zipper pockets on the front. The large main zipper compartment stores a thick 14″ laptop tablet sleeve.

This college student’s laptop bag offers plenty capacity. It holds most of your daily necessities. The scientific and reasonable compartments, makes your goods lay in the bag systematically. Furthermore, the specially equipped laptop compartment carries your tablet or a laptop up to 15″. Additionally, the HotStyle Basic Classic SmileDay Vintage Laptop Bag for college students holds a maximum of 20 pounds.

HotStyle Basic Classic SmileDay Vintage Laptop Bags for college students - best laptop backpacks for college students

HotStyle Basic Classic SmileDay Vintage Laptop Bags for College Students


3. Victoriatourist V6003 Laptop Backpack College Bookbag

The Victoriatourist V6003 College Laptop Backpack featured on our list of best laptop backpacksis a formidable laptop bag.  The Victoriatourist V6003’s integrated, well-padded compartment holds laptops with screens from 10 to 15.6 inches. Furthermore, the buffer design leaves 1-inch space between laptop sleeve and bag bottom to prevent damage by a sudden drop.

Additionally, the airflow back system multi-panel design keeps your back and shoulders comfortable. The V6003 has soft padding and deep airflow channels that work to improve circulation. Moreover, the Victoriatourist V6003 features an interior organizer. This organizer provides divider pockets for mouse, AC power adapter, pens, smartphones and more. Plenty of pockets to organize whatever you need to carry.

Victoriatourist V6003 Laptop Backpack College - Best Laptop Backpacks

Victoriatourist V6003 Laptop Backpack College – Best Laptop Backpacks

Equally important is the pack’s durability.  Made of heavy duty 1200D nylon and SBS metal zippers, the Victoriatourist V6003 provides durable and rugged use. Not to mention, as one of the best laptop backpacks for travel, it fits well in airline overhead compartments and under airline seats with no problem. On the positive side, this is a backpack with a laptop sleeve.

Video: Amazon Review: The Victoria Tourist V6003 Backpack

4. Wowlife Unisex Canvas Backpack for College

Wowlife Unisex Canvas Backpack for College

Wowlife Unisex Canvas Backpack for College

Are you looking for a bit more style? A bit more flash? Then, the Wowlife Unisex Canvas laptop bag is a good fit. This stylish laptop backpack comes in red, pink, blue & brown. Indeed, the Wowlife Unisex Canvas is elegant. However, on the side of comfort, we’d want to take caution. Overloading this laptop backpack leads to discomfort.

Wowlife Unisex Canvas Backpack for College Students - Brown

Wowlife Unisex Canvas Backpack for College Students – Brown

5. ThiKin Vintage Boys & Girls College Laptop Backpack High School Student Book Bag

ThinKin Laptop Backpack for Collge Men & Women

ThinKin Laptop Backpack for Collge Men & Women

The ThiKin Vintage Boys & Girls College Laptop Backpack fits a 14″ laptop. Moreover, the stylish yet simple laptop bookbag, made of nylon, features two water side pocket & 1 inner wet bag. The bottom of the top color contrasts looks stylish & retro. Furthermore, the base, filled with thicker material, is good at load-bearing. It better protects your laptop. A rather durable & sturdy laptop bag.

Moreover, the ThiKin laptop backpack is easy to carry, convenient and practical. You can easily pack it in your suitcase for use as an extra bag for the trip. This compact, lightweight backpack is the perfect companion when you are out and about. It will be an extreme necessity for outdoor sports or leisure activities in or out of your city. Ideal for daily trips, vacation, travel, daily hiking, school, camping and shopping, etc.

Thikin Vintage College Laptop Backpack

ThiKin Vintage College Laptop Backpack

Laptop Bags for College Students: Conclusion

The Best Laptop Backpacks for College students have the high-end components of a dedicated bag. Furthermore, these laptop bags offer more space. You can take along one of the best laptop cooling pads quickly. Moreover, most of these rucksacks feature an integrated laptop sleeve or compartment. In this article, there are great selections for proper college laptop backpacks. They have the best features and if you need help selecting one, leave a comment below.

Is your favorite laptop backpack not on the list? Then, drop us a comment, and we’d be sure to consider adding it. Thanks for reading, the Best Laptop Backpacks for College Students – Best Laptop Bags August 2016 Update. Not satisfied with the laptop bags above? Then, check out some more laptop rucksacks below. Also, check out the best laptop mouse list. Furthermore, if you’re not big on style, then, the list of best laptop backpacks offers more choices.

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