What Are The Best Laptop Backpacks For Business?

Do you need help buying a laptop backpack for business purposes? Laptops are valuable items. As such, you’d want to protect it during presentations. The best way to keep computers safe is to purchase a backpack for carrying laptops. Any regular bag won’t do. Laptop rucksacks for business men & women are available in varying sizes, shapes, colors and prices. This article reviews the best laptop bags for business individuals on the market. Also, we provide information on what to look for when buying business backpacks for work & your notebook computers. Take your time. Read through our comprehensive list of the best laptop backpacks for business.

Things to Consider When Buying Laptop Backpacks

When buying the best business backpack, we must consider the design, comfort, space, durability & style. Business backpacks ought to have all of these aspects. Firstly, we talk about the design. Secondly, we speak of the comfort features and so on and so forth. Also, do note that we use the words rucksack, bag, and backpack interchangeably throughout the article. These words all refer to a carrying case for laptops.

Buying Laptop Bags For Work – The Design

Is the particular business laptop bag a good fit for your computer? Is the bag spacious? You might want to store extra work related documents. Safekeeping your laptop computers in oversized laptop backpacks result in unnecessary damage to your notebook. However, specific laptop rucksacks for working individuals, with safe compartments for your computer exist. When we buy laptop travel bags, we must consider the overall dimensions of both the device and the bag. The best laptop bags for your device will always fit snuggly. However, if large is what you aim for, always go for a padded laptop backpack.

Best Laptop Rucksacks For Business – Comfort

Is the laptop bag comfortable? Does the laptop backpack offer padded shoulder support? Laptops are sometimes cumbersome. Moreover, laptops are bulky (sometimes). Padded shoulder straps allow for ease of wear and tear on both the bag and your shoulders. Moreover, traveling long distances on foot with your laptop increases chances of fatigue. For these reasons, always choose a laptop rucksack that features comfortable and adjustable straps. Check out the most comfortable laptop backpack list.

Space – An Important Aspect of Laptop Rucksacks For Professionals

Do you carry flash drives, smartphones, books, etc.? Then, the best laptop rucksack f0r businessmen provide compartments for extra items. At the same time, the laptop business backpack keeps your laptop safe from any unwanted interaction with additional items. In other words, no scratches and bumps. Most of these backpacks provide laptop cases.

Durability – How Sturdy is the Laptop Backpack for Professionals?

Durability ties in with buying padded laptop rucksacks. Select a backpack that keeps your laptop safe from impacts and blows. After all, your primary motive is to safeguard your machine. Durable business bags also suffer from less wear and tear.

Business Laptop Rucksacks & Style

Would you want to walk around with a plain old laptop rucksack? Your backpack need not be lifeless. Choose business-themed laptop bags that reflect your personality and business. Are you lawyer? A sophisticated looking notebook bag may be an excellent fit. No one said you have to stick with just one. Buy one suited for all round purposes. Finally, here’s the list of laptop bookbags for business individuals.

Top 10 Business Backpacks For Work Overview Chart

Name Product Dimensions Laptop Compartment Price
eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack 8″ x 21″ x 14″ Up to 15″ laptop $$$
eBags TLS Workstation 11″ x 18.5″ x 13.5″ Up to 17″ laptop $$
Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly (EKP121) 9.1″ x 18.2″ x 13.4″ Up to 17.3″ laptop $$$
SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart 3103 7″ x 18.5″ x 13.5″ Up to 15″ laptop $
eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible 9″ x 22″ x 14″ Up to laptop sized 11.75″ x 19″ $
High Sierra XBT TSA 8″ x 19.5″ x 13″ Up to 17″ laptop $$
Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack 5.9″ x 16.9″ x 12″ Up to 15″ laptop $$$$
eBags eTech 2.0 Downloader 6.5″ x 18″ x 12″ Up to 16″ laptop $
Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly 8.3″ x 21.3″ x 15″ Up to 18.4″ laptop $$$
Ogio Renegade RSS 8″ x 20″ x 12.5″ Up to 17″ laptop $$$

Top Five Laptop Bookbags For Business/Work Reviews

Right, we got the list. But, what to expect from the laptop bags featured on the list? We discuss the features, design and style of the top five laptop backpacks for working individuals from the above table. Furthermore, we offer even more options to choose from after the review. If you don’t like any of the laptop bags featured on the table. No worries! We begin with the eBags TLS Professional Weekender Laptop Backpack.

1. eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack For Business/Work


eBags TLS Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack

eBags TLS Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack

Firstly, the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop Bag does not disappoint. As a professional, you need a bag that fits with all of your suits. The TLS Professional Slim is black. No matter your style, this bag fits perfectly with your ensemble. This business backpack, made of polyester, has a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that right.

Furthermore, the TLS Professional Slim, organized with a fully padded lockable laptop and tablet compartments, crush-proof AC adaptor storage and zippered water bottle pocket offers space for most all of your items. Moreover, this business backpack provides well-padded vented Airmesh back panel and contoured backpack straps with removable adjustable shock-load sternum straps. You do want to feel comfortable, no?

eBags TLS Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack Interior - Best Laptop Backpacks for Business & Work

eBags TLS Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack Interior – Best Laptop Backpacks for Business & Work

Video: eBags TLS Slim Professional Backpack Review

EBags has a good reputation, and I’ve bought other bags and luggage from them in the past, and their TLS Slim Professional Backpack caught my eye. EBags puts quite a bit of thought into their bags, and this one seemed no different, and it had all the features I was looking for. It’s not going to carry my clothing for a short trip, but for work, it seems ideal. I can pack multiple computers and tablets! I typically haul a Surface Pro 3, 15″ Macbook Pro, and at least one or two other tablets. This bag can pack them all in. For fun, I even try my gigantic 17″ Asus Gaming laptop! Take a look at the video and see if it’s something you can use as well.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Business Backpack

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Daypack Business Backpack with Laptop Compartment

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack Business Backpack with Laptop Compartment

The Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack is a premium business backpack for work. I must say that it is our favorite laptop rucksack for working professionally. Although we did not list it as number one, due to the price, this laptop bag for work is an excellent investment. Want to see what it offers? Let’s find out!

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Daypack Business Backpack with Laptop Compartment - Best Business Backpack

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack Business Backpack with Laptop Compartment – Best Business Backpack


Business backpacks for work need not be over the top. The Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack features a simple design. Made of 100% Ballistic Nylon, the Alpha Bravo Knox has an Ipad pocket, dedicated laptop compartment, 2 business card slots, 2 media pockets, 1 open pocket, 1 zip pocket and a secret magnetic snap back compartment.

This versatile, casual backpack design works perfectly for business, school, commuting, and travel. Its tall, roomy main compartment has a separate compartment for papers or files. Features numerous organizer pockets and dedicated space for your laptop and tablet backpack straps have D-rings for attachments.

Video: Tumi Alpha Bravo Day Knox Backpack Review

Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Water-Resistant Business Backpacks For Work

Everton Titan Checkpoint Friendly Business Backpacks For Work

Everton Titan Checkpoint Friendly Business Backpacks For Work

Do you travel often? Then, the Everton Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack is a great choice. The Everton Titan made our list of best laptops for travel. And, as business professionals, we tend to travel quite often. For this reason, I present this TSA-friendly laptop rucksack. It offers a water-resistant weather cover, spacious, well-organized compartments & a felt-lined iPad/Kindle tablet pocket.

Additionally, the Everton Titan provides a zippered media player compartment and headphone/audio cable outlet. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of music on the go? As for comfort, the rucksack has a 5-point balance strap system and ergonomic back panel and shoulder straps.

Video: EVERKI Titan Checkpoint Friendly (EKP120)

Conclusion: Best Laptop Bags for Travel

The Best Laptop Backpacks For Business have the high-end components of a dedicated bag. Furthermore, these laptop bags offer more space. You can easily take along laptop cooling pads or other accessories. Moreover, most of these rucksacks feature an integrated laptop sleeve or compartment. In this article, there are great selections for proper laptop business backpacks. They have the best features and if you need help selecting one, leave a comment below.

Is your favorite laptop backpack not on the list? Then, drop us a comment, and we’d be sure to consider adding it. Thanks for reading, the Best Business Laptop Backpacks – Best Business Backpack 2016 List Update. Not satisfied with the laptop bags above? Then, check out some more laptop rucksacks below. Also, check out the best laptop mouse list. Furthermore, if you’re not big on style, the list of best laptop backpacks offers more choices.

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