Audeze LCD-XC Headphone

The Audeze LCD-XC, created based on core customers’ feedback, is the closed-back variant of the LCD-X. It delivers all the benefits of the LCD-X while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise for a private listening experience, a significant achievement due to the inherent challenges of enclosing our planar transducers. The LCD-XC is the finest closed-back planar available, sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players and mobile devices, but an external amplifier produces better sonic results.


Audeze LCD-XC Headphone: The Audeze LCD-XC, is the close-back variant of the LCD-X. The LCD-XC comprises the same premium design of its predecessor and as you can see, the outer surface features a wooden-polished finish. Audeze touts that the LCD-XC is the finest closed-back planar available. It delivers all the benefits of the LCD-X while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise for a private listening experience. More images will follow through the article and a gallery of all LCD-XC images will be provided as well.


When you buy the Audeze LCD-XCyou also get a 2.5m 1/4in to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable2.5m 4-pin XLR to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable, 3.5mm to 1/4in stereo adapter and professional travel case. The ear-pads come inlamb-skin leather (black) or microsuede (leather free).

Audeze LCD-XC Headphone


Some of Audeze LCD-XC Headphone features include Large ultra thin-film diaphragms, Fazor Elements, and Unique magnetic structure.  All of these are patent-pending features and, below, there is a brief overview of what each of these features are capable of and how they improve your listening experience when using the Audeze LCD-XC.


  • FAZOR ™ ELEMENTS Patent-pending Fazor technology, introduced in the LCD Collection, is integrated into the LCD-XC. Fazors are special acoustical elements positioned on either side of the magnetic structure that enhances transparency by influencing sound waves generated by large planar diaphragms. Benefits include extended frequency response, improved high-frequency extension, phase response, and lowered distortion with better imaging.

Audeze LCD-XC Headphone



These are the best prices for the Audeze LCD-XC Closed-Back Headphones. Prices are updated every 24hrs with new deals and discounts(if any available). At the time of writing, this version is found on the official website. and it retails for $1799.

Audeze LCD-XC Headphone


Hi-Fi Insider: Here is a brief introduction to the Audeze LCD-XC Closed-back Audiophile Headphones.


As promised, here are all the Audeze LCD-XC reviews that we can find. We think that video reviews provide more insight and as such you can  watch as many of the videos as you need to before making the important decision of purchasing any device/accessory. You can also check out other Audeze Headphones.

Audeze LCD XC Review

A DigitalFreak Video Byte: Sometimes being a guest writer for a happening audio blog like can really pay off. Recently, Audeze announced two new products to their product line, the LCD X and the LCD XC, which is the headphone being reviewed in this video.

The Audeze LCD XC is a wonderful sounding bassy can that shows that a colored sound is not always lacking in technicalities. Although bassy and warm its far from lacking in detail and speed. The XC is able to present one of the most 3D holographic like audio presentations I've heard and is easily worthy of having the word hi-fi associated with it. If what you've read thus far has your curiosity peaked then please watch the video in its entirety. I think time will show that the XC will become a fan favorite amongst the headphone audio crowd.

Audeze XC Headphone Review

AudioHead: This is a video review of the Audeze XC closed-back planar magnetic headphone.


Audeze LCD-XC full specifications:

StyleClosed-back circumaural
Transducer typePlanar magnetic
Magnetic structureProprietary push-pull design
Magnet typeNeodymium
Transducer size106 mm
Maximum power handling15W (for 200ms)
Sound pressure level>130dB with 15W
Frequency response5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion<1% through entire frequency range
Impedance20 ohms
Efficiency100dB / 1mW
Optimal power requirement1 – 4W


You can gain access to the Audeze LCD-XC Closed-Back Headphone User Maunal - Not Available and you can find the overall product guide here =Product Guide Download

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Sometimes being a guest writer for a happening audio blog like can really pay off. Recently, Audeze announced two new products to their ...


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