People are always looking for ways to be more productive. allows you to turn smartphones into a productivity killing machine. Did you know that is one of the top most used productivity apps in America. Not only that, it’s actually one of the top 10. To check out for yourself, go to SimilarWeb’s App Usage Index and see all kinds of insights into any app’s performance. With this, we will take you through everything you need to know about the app. Lets begin!

What is ANY.DO? is a suite of integrated mobile productivity apps. The company’s first product, the task management app, was launched on Android in November 2011 and later for iPhone and Chrome on June 3, 2012. The second app in’s productivity suite, the Cal calendar app, was launched for iPhone in July 2013 followed by an Android version in December of that same year. The company had reached over 7 million users as of November 2013. was co-founded by Omer Perchik, Itay Kahana, and Yoni Lindenfeld in Tel Aviv, Israel. Today the company has offices in both Tel Aviv and San Francisco, and has raised $5 million in total funding. The company plans to release two more apps, Email and Memo, for the full productivity suite. The company has recently released a web app. Source: Freebase.

Intro Video

The award-winning task app just got a lot better. The new advanced features such as sharing and file uploads will get you making things happen better then ever with your family, friends and colleagues. The app is available for iPhone, Android, Web and Chrome.


Any Do is an iPhone/Android productivity app that allows you to set your To-dos for the entire week or beyond. Any Do app also links with Google Chrome so that you can set up to-dos or check off to-dos right on your computer. The Any Do app also syncs with its calendar app called Cal, so that you are able to view both your calendar events and to-dos on the current day. The Any Do app gives you the ability to set up your to-dos by just using your voice, the app also remembers what you previously used and gives you suggestions. Any Do app will also give you the ability to share your to-dos with others who also have the app by using its sharing feature.

Any Do in landscape mode will show you the calendar view and also display your current events and to-dos that are set. Any Do features an Any Do Moment which is a daily, weekly or once a day of the week reminder that will show you all of your to-dos for a certain day that you can either accept or delete.  Both Any Do and Cal are a great combination of to-dos and calendar events all rolled up. By – Robert W on Youtube. Video review and guide below. app

As you can see the app can come in very handy. So, just how to use Don’t worry, we’ve got a video for that too and it takes you through all the features of, set-up and customization. We’ll start out with the for iPhone tutorial first and then deal with the for Android tutorial.

Any Do App Review and Tutorial


TechnoLatina: works on both iPhone and Android smartphones and is an awesome little app that keeps track of to do items simply and cleanly. It has a nice clean interface that allows you to: app
  • drag your items up and down
  • swipe item to mark it complete
  • un-swipe it to bring the item back to incomplete
  • shake to clear all of your complete items
  • use folders to categorize
  • set reminders
  • and best of all, add items with your voice!

Any.Do is a beautifully simple ‘To Do’ app

Any.DO iPhone App Tutorial

Any.Do Android App Review

Any.DO app for Android keeps your daily tasks organized and easy to access. You can easily input your task for the day and if you don’t feel like typing you can just speak to your phone!

Once you type in the general task you can go ahead into that specific task and add further details so you don’t forget about it. Also you have option to set certain tasks to urget, set a reminder for it, and even send that note to your friends. app

This is one of the many Android apps that help organize your notes and task with very little effort. I use it on a daily basis for what videos I should make for each day and for what time I should make the videos.


iPhone:… is also one of the best productivity apps for Andorid
Android:… is also one of the best productivity apps for iPhone
Web app:
Chrome app:…


ANY.DO FOR ANDROID – FREE DOWNLOAD AND SOFTWARE REVIEWS … is a popular free to-do list manager for Android that combines voice recognition, day planner, calendar, folder browser, missed calls, and more features inside …


Over 10 million people already use to manage tasks, to-do lists, and to get things done. It’s the best to-do list for you, your team or your family.


The #1 task management app used by over 11 million people globally, is your free mobile and online task manager for Android, iPhone, Web and more.

ANY.DO – WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA is a suite of integrated life management mobile apps. The company’s first product, the task management app, was launched on Android in November 2011 …


Any.DO’s on-board documentation is a little lacking. Their FAQ on the web is much more robust, but some of Any.DO’s best features only appear after certain conditions …


The iPhone has a remarkable number of iPhone to-do app options, but one of them shines above the rest. Any.DO is our top pick thanks to its ease of use and smart …


Yep, you read that right. is officially one of the top most used productivity apps in America. Not only that, it’s actually one of the top 10.

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