Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch

The Alcatel Go Watch is waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof, which makes it more durable than most of the smartwatches currently on the market. The Alcatel Go Watch supports both Android and iOS, has a mood sensor, notifications, long battery life and its fully customize-able with various wrist bands and front casings.  Lets discuss all the features and details below.


The Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch has a really attractive design. A refreshing look based on what is seen to date on smartwatches. Its dial is circular, but it is covered with a bulky plastic casing reminiscent of the Casio watches of yesteryear. Designed to house a MicroUSB port with which to charge the battery, in addition to introducing functions such as the built-in heart rate monitor. This is great for the gym/sports aficionados. Moreover, considering its IP67 certification which protects it from dust and water, it can be used in any condition/setting as it also offers resistance to shock. All this, packed in a body with a diameter of 50.5 mm and a thickness of 13 millimeters. The bands have a width of 22 millimeters. A truly stylish design that fits onto any wrist.

The OneTouch Go Wach wristbands deserve special mention. No, they don't have some special functionality, but they offer a great degree of personalization. Thus, following the patterns and designs as seen with the Alcatel Onetouch Go Play smartphone, which releases with the Go Watch, the Alcatel Go Watch wristbands are easily interchangeable and you can choose from eight different colors. You can also customize the front cover/face, thus being able to combine both elements to match your style or taste.

Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch Interchangeable Watch Faces and Wristbands


Regarding the screen, we must mention that it is an circular IPS panel of 1.22-inch in diameter capable of displaying images at a maximum resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Qualities that give a pixel of density of 278 pixels per inch. This is customary in other smartwatches on the market which can display images of a certain quality on smaller screens without losing too much quality. Of course, the watch is not completely circular, there's an arch at the bottom which is hidden from view. What it is known as "flat tire" after its introduction by the Motorola Moto 360.


Under the hood of this Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch is an STM429 processor, the usual in Alcatel sports devices and wearables. This processor is sufficient enough to power their own proprietary operating system, givent that Alcatel no longer uses Android Wear, Tizen or Watch OS. Of course, the processing power that has this chip has is unknown, although it is expected that being dedicated to its own operating system, it is efficient and effective.


As mentioned above, Alcatel uses their very own custom made interface on the OneTouch Watch. The features cover the basics, notifications, activity monitoring for heath & heartbeat. Most remarkable about this interface, and its companion application, is the connectivity options. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch will connect to any Android powered smartphone (4.3 and up), as well as any iOS device (iOS 7 and up)Of course, like we said, at the time of writing, the basic functions are limited to measuring pulse of the user, telling time, receiving notifications about messages, calls and emails, displaying the weather forecast, serving as a remote shutter release for the phone camera and it also serves as a stopwatch. We will have to see if Alcatel continues to develop this platform to introduce new applications and utilities.

Mood Tracker Feature

The GO WATCH brings a unique experience and lets users hack their emotions. How? Press  the GO button to trigger an emotion pulse measurement. An emotional graphic  will be created based on the input from the gyroscope, heart rate sensor and accelerometer.  Select a theme that matches your mood the best to create your personalized emotion  pulse. You can instantly share your unique emotion pulse on social networks or  even set it as the wallpaper of your GO WATCH.


The Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch connections are not surprising, given that it depends on a smartphone to carry out most of its functions. For that it has connection via Bluetooth 4.0. Apart from this, it has a microUSB 2.0 port to recharge the battery and a lot of motion sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and altimeter. It also has a heartbeat/pulse monitor and a vibration motor to alert you of any new notification.


Regarding autonomy, The  Alcatel Onetouch Go Smartwatch battery life is able to maintain up to two to five days of charge without connecting for a recharge. The OneTouch Go Watch uses a 225 mAh battery, which can be fully charged in about an hour.

Video - Intro Video

Video - Control Music

In this video, Alcatel shows you how you can control your music with your WATCH. Controlling your music is simple with the WATCH.

Video - See Notifications

Keep an eye on your notifications thanks to the Alcatel Go WATCH. With the Go WATCH you can see who’s calling right on your wrist.
Can’t answer right now? Just slide to reject or silence the call.

Video - Personalize The Watch

The WATCH is a part of you. Personalize it to your image.Personalize your WATCH to match your style and personality. the PERFECT MATCH.


Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch photos: Pictures/Sourced Via| Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch Press Release, Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch Official Website


Currently, the Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch price is $149, which is very affordable. 


Release Date

Alcatel has not confirmed the Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch as yet.


In short, Alcatel provides a well rounded smartwatch but, it is pretty limited in functionality. Given its specs and colorful design, it seems focused on younger audiences. A device capable of measuring the user's pulse with a fun but sometimes ineffective app when compared to the actual quantification application. Of course, serving as a second screen, getting all kinds of notifications directly from your smartphone, is a plus, especially at this price. Also, due to the fact that, the OneTouch Go Watch design makes it suitable for sport, with it being able resist water, dust and shock, what it lacks in interface, it makes up for in design, specs and useful real world features.


Alcatel Ontouch Go Watch Specifications overview/review:

Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch

ModelAlcatel Onetouch Go Watch


Size1.22 inches
Resolution240 x 240 pixels
Density278 dpi


Dimensions50.5 mm diameter by 13 mm grososr
Colorswhite, blue, orange, pink, green and cyan
Water resistanceYes / IP67


Front CameraNo


FormatsMP3, M4A, AAC, OGG
FeaturesMusic player
Trigger photos


Extra applicationsEmotions/Mood  Measure
Weather forecast
Heart rate meter
Music player


CPU ProcessorSTM429
Graphics processor (GPU)-


Internal memory-


Mobile networkNo
GPS Location-
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
AudioMP3 / AAC / AAC + / eAAC +
Heart rate monitor


Capacity225 mAh
In standby-
Duration in useFrom two to five days

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