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Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue to enthusiastically provide cutting-edge articles while endeavoring to fashion our blog posts to provide the most in-depth and up to date information for 100% reader satisfaction.

Who Is Behind ORDUH?

Jesse Hackshaw

Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Are you looking for the best place to learn about Android, iOS, Chrome, Google or even Windows? How about just finding like-minded geeks who like to discuss all things tech, then ORDUH is for you!


Jesse Hackshaw is a Vincentian-born blogger specializing in technology-related services and products. These include Android OS, iOS, MacOS, ChromeOS, and more.

After completing his B.A in Linguistics at the University of the West Indies, Jesse decided to run ORDUH full-time. Jesse is passionate about gadgets and most of the times he is messing around with one of them. He owns most Galaxy S devices, the latest being the Galaxy S9. And, he also loves his iPad Pro and iPhone XS.

When he’s not writing the latest news or researching the latest fixes, he’s most likely traveling, visiting friends around the world. He has a passion for culture and languages and sees traveling as a way to expand his knowledge. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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