Hi there and welcome to Orduh! If you're reading this page then obviously you want to find out a bit about this website, well, it doesn't get any better than this. Here is *cough* everything you need to know about orduh.com

Orduh is a technology based informational website.  Our goal sees us covering every aspect of technology (with time), and online platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! Our site is most popular among web searchers looking for in-depth tutorials and information on their favorite products.

Orduh aims to become the premier online site for anyone who is seeking information about the latest tech and who has the desire to get the best information in the online world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue to enthusiastically provide cutting-edge articles (work in progress) while endeavoring to professionally fashion our articles to provide the most in-depth and up to date information for 100% customer satisfaction.

Who is behind Orduh?

Jesse! You can find me on most social media websites, although, I can't say that I am very active. I have an interest in providing information that can help users who seem lost. As you would notice, some of the articles on this website are very much the same as another and this is because we substitute the main keyword for another in order to not confuse web searchers who may be looking for device specific help. (This mainly happens with our Android tutorials).

You can check our Privacy Policy to see how much the site values the safety and privacy of visitors. Also, feel free to share your feedback with us. Drop us an email if you'd like us to make any changes and we'll definitely consider your suggestions. I don't think I can squeeze anything else on this page for now.

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