A Look At Android Pie On Samsung Galaxy 9+ Beta

A new set of leaked photos of the Galaxy S9+ beta with Android Pie has surfaced. The photos, first discovered by readers on Android Police, show that Samsung is close to an official beta release.

As per the new images, we get to see some app redesigns, Samsung’s interface, and more. And, while Samsung does not seem to stray too far from Google’s design, there’s a notable Samsung presence when you look at the leaked pictures.

Samsung Android Pie Beta leak on Galaxy S9+, Samsung Android Pie Beta leak photos
Samsung Android Pie Beta leak on Galaxy S9+

The “overview” screen is rather similar to that of Google’s design. However, there is a welcomed addition in the form of a “Clear All” button.

You can also see Samsung’s upcoming gesture navigation feature and the updated “Dialer”.

Samsung updated dialer, Android Pie beta samsung leaked images

All in all, Android Pie looks pleasing to the eye on the Galaxy S9+. And, while Samsung has yet to confirm any of the leaks, it feels like an announcement will come in the near future.

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